Is it Over Yet? 2008 in Review: July – September

photo by CS

photo by CS

The Third Quarter of 2008 was not only chock full o’ news, it also marked the highest traffic in BHB history more than doubling the audience the site had in Q3 2007.  Here are the stories the held Brooklyn Heights’ interest:

Tazza On Clark Opens TODAY
Crowds Throng Montague On First “Piazza” Day
A More Better Piazza
Brooklyn Heights Stars on As The World Turns
Candy Factory Reconstruction Underway
Bat Signal Seen from Brooklyn Heights
Eagle: Humans Moving into One Brooklyn Bridge Park
Freaks, Misfits, Malcontents, Parolees Coming to 147 Pierrepont
Brooklyn Heights Featured in New iPhone Demo
The Man to B’Stoner: Probies Have Been Here Forever
Neighbors Byrne and Giamatti Cop Emmy Nominations
Breaking News: Busted Chef
Busted Chef Chronicles Part 1: You Can Fool Some of the People…
Trigger-happy Teens on Heights Rampage
New Neighbor: Ugly Betty’s Ana Ortiz
Truck Hits Tree on Hicks Street
WTF: What the Fruit?
Yup, It’s a Pet Store at 57 Clark Street
Kid Squadron Loves the Nightlife, Likes to Boogie (Responsibly)
Pop Up Park Makes People Happy
Brooklyn Heights Gossip Girl Alert
Cheops Update – 80 Cranberry
Heights Books: Moving, Not Closing
Eagle: Oven, Busy Chef, Blug Pig Done
P.S. 8 Annex Good to Go
Corner of Cranberry: What’s Next?
Wine Bar at 50 Henry Shut Down
The Kid’s Team Strikes Back
Yassky Wantsky Middle Schoolsky at P.S. 8 Annexsky


Wal-Pet? Local Retailer’s Reaction to NYCPet Coming to Clark Street
NY Times on the Busted Chef
Marty Gives Himself a Bonus and the Kid Calls Shenanigans
Paping Soapbox Derby – DEAD!
Marty Playing Dirty? Push Polling In Brooklyn Heights?
Tree Killin’ Waterfall
Death On Hicks Street
The Continuing Saga Of Mike’s Kosher Steakhouse
Busted Chef’s Apartment Ransacked
Eagle: Fruit Dude is Legal, Just Wants to Make People Happy
Yassky Bullishky on Parkingsky Permitskys
Marty on LICH: They’re Closing the Maternity Ward?
Eagle: Eamonn’s, Hallmark Store Building For Sale
Buh Bye: Kim Paris Vietnamese Grill
Blaze on BQE Sends Smoke Billowing Over Heights
Marty, Spokesman Part Ways
Hizzoner Backs Kid
Eagle: Yup, BHB Tipster’s On the Money about Purchase Building Site
New Neighbor: Spicy Pickle Opening Friday
William Hurt Walks Among Us
Gristedes Ready for September?
Marty Sees Kid’s Mayor and Raises Eight City Council Members
Complaining about LICH
Heights History: Moonstruck House Sold
Senate Battle Dives into Semantic Cesspool
Eagle: 73 Pineapple Will Be Good Neighbor
Tree Murder in Progress on Remsen Street
State & Hicks Empty Lot Begets $10.5M in Real Estate
Hurt Hearts Siggy’s
Letter Supports Marty or The Olds Strike Back
BHB Poll: The Bid for the Twenty Fifth
Is Brooklyn Heights Out to Get Tina?
Chef of the Flies
SuperFriends: Diamondstone Backs Kid Squadron
Coming Soon: Dimples Kids Spa
Brooklyn Heights Girl Drowns in Boating Accident
Trees are Dyin’: BHA Says Shut Falls Off!
But By the Content of Their Character or Nanny Blog Offends Again
Parks Deparment: Chill Out, Trees Will Be Fine
Middle School Mania
Puggle Abused, Owner Arrested
New York Times Magazine Gives Kudos to BHB and Weegee
Moonstruck House Seller Talks to NY Times
NYC Waterfalls Hours Cut in Half


Court: Gristedes Screwed Employees on Pay
BHB Readers Endorse Daniel Squadron
Marty: I’m Not a Kicker Off’er
Young Bicyclist Struck on Livingston St.
Muppets Take Brooklyn Heights
Hotel Bossert To Become Dorm Bossert
The Bid for the 25th: BHB Reader Choice Squadron Beats Marty
Thank You, Marty
Botched Break In at Browning Frames and Prints
William Hurt Goes (For) Nuts (Allegedly) at Jack the Horse
Eamonn’s Seamus O’Toole Dies
Does the November Election Matter?
NY Times: P.S. 8 to Receive an “F”
Shot in the Heights: Burn After Reading Open Thread
It’s On: Squadron Will Debate Chromczak

Report: Gristedes to Have Coffee Counter
Flash: Trader Joe’s to Open Friday, September 26
P.S. 8 School Report Card: Take a Look for Yourself
Can Nabe Resident Save WaMu?
Montague Parking Spaces “Liberated” for a Day
LICH: Is an Amputation Necessary? Are Yuppies to Blame?
Parolee Escape at One Pierrepont Plaza

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