Letter Supports Marty or The Olds Strike Back

Friday’s guest on the Homer Fink Show, Daniel Squadron, came out last week with his plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park.  We’ll spare you the wonkery, but the main point “The Kid” made about the project was that the provision for luxury housing is a non-starter and that there needs to be a review of BBP’s revenue plan.

Residents of the 25th District received a mailer this week striking back at Squadron’s proposal, saying that the park “has no better friend than Martin Connor”.  The letter, signed by many members of the Brooklyn Heights establishment, stresses Connor’s leadership in, among other things, pushing Albany to acquire the land and finances needed for the park.

The Democratic primary for the 25th State Senate District will be held on September 9.  Squadron told us on Friday’s The Homer Fink Show that if he doesn’t win the Democratic primary, he’s will not run an active campaign in November via the Working Families Party line.

Listen to The Homer Fink Show with Martin Connor (8/15) and with Daniel Squadron (8/22).

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  • nicky215

    First of all it is not a park -it is a condo development disguised as a park. Second if the park has no better friend than Marty-Marty is terribly ineffective as this park has been being built for over twenty years- with dollar and after wasted. Finally the old Brooklyn Heights establishment will never use the park as the use the restricted casino. They do not want a real park … will never use it and do not want the public to ruin
    their views.. they want a condo restricted lawn.

  • anon

    many of the people who signed this letter are on the Board of the Brooklyn Heights Association and the Brooklyn Heights Association-both severly elitiist. Several of them live on Columbia Hieghts and have a desire for a lawn-not a park behind their homes. Many of them can afford maximum contributions- like $6000.00 to Mr. Connor for a primary. It is the ultimate of selfishness for these people who belong to private clubs, own bronstones and summer homes to work to deny the rest of us unlimited access to the waterfront and the park.
    What kind of society is this where the moguls of wall street dicatate to the rest of us in this offensive. ( I know what is best for you manner) They believe they can buy a State Senator to protect their lawns. We need to prove this group wong on election day.

  • anon

    I meant many of them are on the Board of The Brooklyn Heights Association, and the Brooklyn Heights Casino- both severly elitist

  • nigel

    Hey, why wasn’t I asked to sign that letter?!

    Can’t believe my boyz van den Bout and Vander Putten and Vander Whatshisface let me down!

  • ABC

    but how can it be a non-starter? I mean, do my eyes deceive me or isn’t 360 Furman already there and is luxury housing.

    I’m not for the new buildings, but the idea of going back to the drawing board at this point? Depressing.

  • anon

    Dear depressing. this fiasco was brought to you by Mr. Connor

  • bdm

    I personally know many of those that signed the letter and respect them. They are concerned members of this community who have actively contributed to making this park a reality. I dont expect everyone to agree with them but I find all this name calling unfair and unhelpful; especially since I doubt many of the name callers lifted one finger to be a part of the process.

  • Jazz

    bdm – how long have you been an elitist?

  • http://deleted anon

    This “park” is a fraud and Connor is a big part of it. As someone who was part of the so-called public process for more than 15 years, who went to most of the meetings, who planned to send his kids to camps that were promised there, with pools, ice rink and year round sports house, this non-park is just what the elite who live on the Promenade want – nothing! Just green lawns with no people to spoil their view. And the towers are parked at the ends in the other community/neighborhoods so what do they care? Whitty, Watts, Aschekenasy, Rifkin, Offensend, Guttman all live on or within a block of the Promenade…. THEY DON”T WANT A PARK!!!! This is a fraud and Connor let it happen – he even sponsored the legislation so that all “parks” in the future will have condos in them (and no recreation, no people, just lawns for the folks who live near by to admire). Throw the bum out! I hope Squadron cleans the whole place out. Park? Hah!

  • BklynLifer

    To me, it’s real simple — the Watts’s, Guttmans et al bought (via the ever-pliant Marty Connor) for themselves a largely inaccessible front lawn while dumping luxury residential towers on their neighbors’ laps.

    The Ultra-rich Heightsers have always been that way. They build a moat around their turf, dump their trash beyond the moat and pretend they’re on the upper East Side.

    Hello??!! The area outside of the Heights’ moat is called “BROOKLYN.”

    Time to vote for Squadron — he’s not for sale.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    I don’t think there is a monolithic “Heights establishment” that is united behind Connor or the inclusion of residetial development on the Park. Indeed, I know people who are active in the BHA, owners of brownstones, Casino members and so forth who strongly oppose condos in the park and are supporting Squadron.