Brooklynheightsblog is the brainchild of Homer Fink, known for his irreverent blog The Fink File.  Feeling the pangs of “civic duty” he decided to fill a gap in the blog world (“Feh with that ‘blogosphere’ word,” he says) by compiling and covering events in Brooklyn Heights.

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About Homer Fink

Homer Fink is such a great name it’s probably made up.  Well in this case it sure is!  The moniker is the “nom de blog” of media executive John Loscalzo, who took it from a novel he read while growing up in Queens, NY.  It was called, naturally, The Adventures of Homer Fink by Sidney Offit.

“Loscalzo” may be familiar to those who grew up during the “alternative rock” era. He spent most of the 80s and 90s on great radio stations like WNYU, WPDH, WRCN, WDRE and WXRK (K-Rock) in New York as well as KROQ in Los Angeles.  He was also host of the nationally syndicated program “Static” back in the days when grunge ruled the world.  In 1995, he was nominated as Best Major Market Air Talent by Billboard Magazine.  He lost out to some guy name “Mancow” but he really didn’t take it personally… or so he claims.

Loscalzo has also held executive positions at Billboard Magazine, Sony, CBS-TV and MTV.