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  • Red Leader

    There seems to be construction in the old Loft space on Henry / Montague. Anyone have intel?

  • Mark C

    I assume it’s the vet chain that was reported on last year

  • Peter Scott-Thomas

    2 things spinning off THAT piece of property…. Anybody see or hear of a target opening date for the new supermarket on Clinton St.?

    And what IS the plan for the extra story or 2 being added both to the “Loft’s building” and the one directly across Henry from it – the one with City Chemist at street level. I get it that Chase [Montague/Clinton] was super-smart to build atop their bank, but those 2 buildings aren’t going to have residential space up there…. Are they?

  • MaggieO

    i only see a permit for facade repairs for the City Chemist building.

  • Peter Scott-Thomas

    Really, you don’t think that they’re “building up” on both sites? I would have sworn …

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    Not the first time I’ve posted about the Chanin Building, 56 Schermerhorn Street, corner of Court. This photo is from Oct. 28, 1928:

  • Toasty

    Hello all! Have you ever heard or seen an owl around our parts? I live on Remsen and I think I hear one often, and just this morning I swear I saw him by my window for a second. I was half asleep, and it might’ve been a dream. Anyone seen or heard an owl?

  • Arch Stanton

    They couldn’t build up without LPC approval and the buildings would have to be totally vacant for that type of construction to be done.

  • John James Audubon

    If you hear it often in the morning, and it lands on your windowsill, it’s probably a mourning dove.

  • Karen and Chad

    Mark is correct. It’s the vet chain. The only subtle update to that is the vet chain is only taking some of the space. So it’s being partitioned in hopes of finding an additional tenant in the future.

  • MaggieO

    hey man, anything’s possible in this crazy world but that would be QUITE a flex for the owners do with completely without permits, which are public.

  • Banet

    Interesting to note 86 years ago a cleaner (now Best Cleaners) was in that little Henry Street spot. I wonder if it’s been a cleaners continuously for almost a century now?

  • Banet

    Well, that leaves hope for something a little more interesting than a vet. Our pets need care of course but I expect any vet that can afford prime Montague rents is either going to be very expensive or very high volume (i.e. very rushed).

  • Banet

    Just one of my regular reminders that the little lending library on the corner of Grace Court Alley and Hicks Street can always receive your unwanted books.

    For those who are not familiar with the rules, well… there really aren’t any official rules! But I’d suggest:

    – don’t leave anything that you want happily lend to a friend. In other words, nothing full of notes and highlighting, nothing with the cover ripped off, nothing that is so outdated as to be useless such as 30 year old guidebooks.

    – Take as many books as you want, as long as they are for personal use and not donation or resale.

    – no need to leave a book every time you take a book! We’re all part of the community and I expected overtime you will probably end up leaving as many books as you take. It will all work out in the end. :-)

    Thanks again for reading (both this post and books in general).

  • Arch Stanton

    Correct, It’s also apparently a chain so don’t expect the same level personal care you get from a local established veterinarian. Personally, I think Dr. Heather Thomson at Heights Veterinary Hospital is the absolute best.

  • Arch Stanton

    I literally have boxes of books to get rid of…

  • Banet

    I would never suggest showing up with more than 10 books at once. It is sometimes pretty full and you either 1) have to leave them on the ground underneath or 2) carry them back home if rain is imminent.

    I guess the better rule of thumb is to never bring more books than you are willing to carry back home on the off chance that there is no room at the inn.

    But otherwise, bring ‘em on!

  • Banet

    Even worse than a chain, a chain owned by private equity backers. Which means they’re motivated by maximizing profits as opposed to finding a balance of profit and excellent care. :-/

  • B.

    And there’s Ebinger’s! Nice to see it. Apart from places like Sutter’s and Dubin’s, it was the best bakery in Brooklyn.

    (Mr. Ebinger’s house in Ditmas Park sports bathroom and kitchen tiles the great green color of the Ebinger’s cake boxes.)

  • High Street Blues

    Any update on the High Street stop construction? Hasn’t it been a month?

  • RickP

    A sign for Riis Park, there? Seems odd.

  • TeddyNYC

    Maybe Riis Park and the Rockaways were a popular weekend destination for Heights residents at the time? Yeah, definitely odd.

  • Bornhere

    I seem to remember there always being a cleaners there on Henry; and, of course, I remember Albert Ciccarelli Hair Salon, preceded by Sakelos Florist in that space (and now overtaken by City Chemist).

  • TeddyNYC

    If there’s an owl in the area, the rats would know.

  • Effective Presenter

    We loved Emily a hairstylist at Albert Ciccarelli in the 1980s.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Did someone mention Riis Park? This was one of my first videos ever for the blog. It documents a trip to Riis Park taking the 2 train. Can you guess how long it takes to get there by public transportation starting at clark Street.

  • Banet

    There was no BQE at the time of that photo. So it was a surface street drive the whole way I would think. Likely that was pointing you to Atlantic Ave which then would get you most the way there.

  • AEB

    It’s remarkable how the installation of a new subway escalator can reshape one’s world. Well, mine. Normally, I’m in the High Street station daily; now It’s the 2/3 with all the attendant elevator rigmarole. I’ll bet the escalator replacement will last throughout the summer.

  • Arch Stanton

    Probably directing drivers to Atlantic Ave then a right on Flatbush Ave, straight out to Riis Park