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Marty (Markowitz) Names Marty (Connor) to Brooklyn Bridge Park Board

The Mayor’s Office today announced appointments to the governing board of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, a new entity established to plan for the future of the Park and to oversee construction and maintenance. Regina Myer, President of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation, will serve as president of BBPC. The BBPC’s board consists of […]

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Marty Connor, the Comeback Kid?

Our former man in the NYS Senate, Martin “Marty” Connor has been spotted on the senate floor according to the NY Daily News.   As the manchildren (and womenchildren) in that august body try to straighten up and act like adults, Marty was on the scene to lend some advice: NY Daily News: A short while […]

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Marty Connor Is Gunning for Bloomie

The New York Daily News reports that former NYS Senator Martin “Marty” Connor (SD-25) is “poring over” Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s campaign finance report in an attempt to find something to “use against” him in this year’s election.  Marty tells the paper he hasn’t found anything… yet. NY Daily News: Connor has a big axe to […]

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Kings County Dems: It’s Parliamentary

The invite to the Kings County Democratic Committee held last night at St. Francis College dictated NO PRESS. But that didn’t stop NY Times CityRoom scribe Sewell “Don’t Call Me Woodward and/or Bernstein Yet” Chan from getting the scoop.  The headline: City Councilman Charles Barron thinks the state-mandated gathering of the Democratic tribe is too […]

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Thank You, Marty

Sen. Martin Connor served our neighborhood for 30 years during some of the darkest times to be a New York State Democrat.  Say what you will about his record, the fact remains that he served faithfully as our man in Albany for a generation.  For that we are grateful.   And while Martin Connor won’t be […]

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The Bid for the 25th: BHB Reader Choice Squadron Beats Marty

The Associated Press is projecting BHB Reader Choice Daniel Squadron as the winner of the NYS SD-25 Democratic Primary defeating incumbent Martin Connor. With 100% of the vote in,  results in the Democratic NYS SD-25 primary are: Squadron 12,912 54% Connor 10,980 46% Stay tuned… *As a point of reference here’s what Connor’s margin of […]

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That’s Mohel Folks!

The NY Daily News reports the United Jewish Organization “robocalled” residents of Williamsburg on Sunday reportedly urging them not to attend a rally for NYS Senate candidate Daniel Squadron and to vote for incumbent Sen. Martin Connor.  Why?  Squadron’s alleged opposition to the ritual circumcision practice known as  Metzitza B’Peh, which resulted in three infants […]

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The Bid for the 25th Goes Down Today

It’s Daniel “The Kid” Squadron versus Sen. Martin “Marty” Connor in today’s 25th State Senate District Democratic primary.  Details here. Last week, we announced that BHB Readers have endorsed Squadron in this race. Some folks on the BHA’s mailing list report receiving an email from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation’s Joanne Witty supporting Connor […]

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Martin Connor’s 1990s’ Apartment Purchases: Too Good Of A Deal?

The Daily News reports NY State Senator Martin Connor bought two apartments for what appears to be less than their worth: one in 1994 for $12,500 and one in 1997 for $50,000: Connor, in a telephone interview, rejected Squadron’s allegations as “nonsense,” insisting he received no special treatment in the purchases. BPC, he insisted, only […]

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Marty: I’m Not a Kicker Off’er

During last night’s State Senate debate, Connor sidetracked during time allotted for a state budget conversation to discuss allegations that as an election lawyer his basic task is to kick people off the ballot (fast forward to about 1:12 in this clip): This myth that election lawyers all we do is kick people off the […]

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