Marty Connor, the Comeback Kid?

NY Daily Newsphoto

NY Daily News photo

Our former man in the NYS Senate, Martin “Marty” Connor has been spotted on the senate floor according to the NY Daily News.   As the manchildren (and womenchildren) in that august body try to straighten up and act like adults, Marty was on the scene to lend some advice:

NY Daily News: A short while ago, there was a little confab in the middle of the chamber floor between Shelly Mayer, counsel to the Senate Democrats, Sen. Malcolm Smith and former Minority Leader Marty Connor (he’s the one in the tan suit, if you don’t recognize him).

There’s something really ironic about the fact that one deposed minority leader (recall that Connor was ousted in a 2002 coup by none other than David Paterson himself) advising an all-but deposed majority leader (Smith) on how to hold on to power.

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  • Claude Scales

    There’s double irony in that Smith is the one in whose favor Connor was deposed.

    Expect to see a lot of Marty in the coming days, especially if Espada Jr’s or Monserrate’s legal problems lead to a special election. If nothing else, his expertise in election law is legendary.

  • anon

    It wasn’t Malcolm Smith but David Paterson who toppled Connor in a coup.

  • anon

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  • Qfwfq

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  • anon


  • Claude Scales

    anon: It was David Paterson who arranged to have Connor removed as minority leader, but it was in order to place Malcolm Smith in that position. That’s what I meant by Connor having been deposed “in [Smith’s] favor.”

  • The Where

    Marty is like the loser, now working at a gas station, who hangs out at his old high school after graduation.

  • nabeguy

    TW, speak for yourself. Marty is doing just fine.

  • BklynLifer

    Marty’s fine as a hired gun, just not as our “representative.”

  • heavy flo

    I do wonder if Marty had been re-elected if his status as the most senior member of the Senate would have made any difference on the mess we have now in Albany; probably not, given the leadership (Spitzer, Patterson, Smith) for the past few years. If the republicans gain seats due to Espada, Monserrate, and now Fat Tony Seminerio, will Squadron get pushed further to the back bench? I like the Kid, but this will marginalize him.

    I can’t keep track anymore….who’s in charge?

  • anon

    Factually you are incorrect. Connor was Minority Leader, who was replaced by Paterson. Once Paterson left to become Lt. Governor, Smith then became Minority Leader. Paterson didn’t remove Connor to put Smith in the title; Paterson actually held the position of Minority Leader and would have (presumably) continued to hold that position if he hadn’t been selected by Spitzer to run and then serve as Lt. Governor. Once Paterson left, there was an issue as to who would replace him–at that point, Paterson did help Smith get elected as Minority Leader over other candidates (including but not limited to Jeff Klein and Eric Schneiderman).

  • Claude Scales

    anon: You’re right. I had compressed the history a bit in my memory. I still think there’s a double irony in that Smith ultimately did become the beneficiary of the coup in which Paterson became minority leader, in the manner which you described. Thanks for setting me straight.

  • http://deleted Another voice

    Connor was, is and forever will be a hack. Thank god he is out. Squadron has done more in the first 30 minutes of his term than Connor did for Brooklyn in 30 years. And that includes Connor’s biggest blunders: voting to abolish the commuter tax and initiating legislation to put condos in public parks. Good riddance Marty!

  • yet one more voice

    Once adored as a reformer, Marty Connor seems to have disappointed many of his constituents later in his career. But let me point out what should be obvious: a person does not become and stay the party leader without understanding the rules and how to play the game. It does not surprise me a bit to see this photograph. Hey, speakin’ of players, I wonder where Andy Stengel is going to end up when this is all finished.

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    [If the republicans gain seats due to Espada, Monserrate, and now Fat Tony Seminerio, will Squadron get pushed further to the back bench? ]

    Seminerio is in the Assembly. Not the Senate. Squadron looks strong supporting mayoral control for the right reasons.

    [I can’t keep track anymore….who’s in charge?]

    Legally — the ‘coaltion (Espada/Dem and the Republicans.)
    Fact of life.