Open Thread Wednesday 6/24/09

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

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  • HicksStRes

    Hi. I know this has been asked several times before, but what is the name and contact info of the tile and grout professional everyone recommends?

  • Matthew Parker

    Great photo above of the annual clogged drain summer mosquito swamp that is Squibb Park. And every year I call 311 to advise them of this unhealthy situation, and every year nothing happens.

  • alex

    First of all, apologies to anyone who’s been barked at on the sidewalk by my newly adopted beagle. While she’s very sweet and completely harmless, we can’t seem to get her to stop startling strangers. Does anyone know of a convenient (and reasonably priced) place for obedience classes?

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Mermaid Love! Thanks to those who came out in the rain and for all the good wishes.

    The Superfine Dinettes as “The Roller Coaster of Love” won the Silver (2nd Place) for Best Push Pull Float in the 2009 Mermaid Parade.

  • RatNYC

    Does anyone know what happened yesterday at around 6.00 pm on the corner of Montague and Montague Terrace? There seemed to be some police activity, and then an ambulance form LICH took someone away.

  • anon

    I’m so disgusted with Daniel Squadron for coming out in support of renewing mayoral control in the schools largely without checks and balances. I’d missed the fact that his campaign was heavily supported by Bloomberg; I’d never have supported him if I’d known that.

  • epc

    I’m perfectly happy with Squadron supporting mayoral control of the school system. The previous system was an unaccountable disaster, the typical result of having everyone in charge and no one accountable.

  • epc

    @alex contact Renee Payne, for help with training.

  • anon

    The above is a different anon than me. I’m anon (and Spartacus, too).

  • anon

    No one’s accountable now. Certainly not the mayor and Klein.

  • promenade

    What IS the deal with Squibb park? Any plans for it?

  • DrewB

    Was anyone at the CB@ meeting Monday night? Apparently they were supposed to discuss a liquor license for the space that used to be a deli at the corner of Columbia Heights and Joralemon. I was told by the Realtor handling the space that they are planning on putting in an “Italian Wine Bar and Jazz Club” While that sounds great to me, I imagine some of the neighbors would be concerned about noise. According to a notice on the door they were supposed to have a review with CB2 Monday. Did that happen? What was the outcome?

  • Concerned Heightser

    The sidewalk on the west side of Clinton Street between Remsen and Montague has been obstructed for over a year by construction.

    Now, after the construction elevator that was the initial cause of the obstruction has been removed, they have blocked even more of this pathway, including the bike lane, creating an even greater hazard to pedestrians as well as bikers. One might ask, “What’s wrong with crossing over to the other side and then back again to reach Montague?” but doing this two or three times a day for more than a year really lowers one’s quality of life.

    What can be done to free our sidewalk now that there doesn’t seem to be any good reason to have it closed off?

  • Andrew Porter

    I asked the construction crew on the site about the completion date, and apparently things have been slowed down so that it will be completed when the recession is over, and the moneyed classes are again thinking of paying big bucks for BH apartments.

    Also, have you called 311 to complain about this. I wonder if DOT knows they’ve closed off the bike lane.

  • Ari


    Do you mean on the corner of Columbia PLACE and Joralemon Street?

    I live in that complex, I was really hoping for another deli to come back to the area…..a wine bar in extremely desolate and commercial ghost town corner of BKH?! There are 4 storefronts in the complex the only one that’s actually been in operation is a laundromat/dry cleaner.

    There are maybe, what, 200-300 people max that live in this nook known as WillowTown, if a winebar opens up, I give it 3 months tops….we need a deli in that space!!


  • Andrew Porter

    Jut noticed the header, which says “Wednesday, June 23rd”. Not in this universe it’s not.

  • Ari

    And as a follow up to my previous post.

    I reckon this winebar has a lot to do with the new residents of One BBP. With there expendable income and such, walking down the hill to their overpriced lofts with stellar views of the BQE and what not.

    Not a bad idea actually. And, I like jazz. With whiskey :)

  • alex

    @Ari – I too would prefer a deli, but I’d certainly settle for a wine bar. Anything is better than nothing!

  • DrewB


    Yes Columbia Place, my bad.

    We were actually down there looking at some of the other retail places for a possible lease. I now know why they are vacant. Way over priced! Terrible condition inside with leaks and stains and garbage and bugs. The Realtor basically said the company that owns them would rather leave them vacant than drop the price. He said they want a big chain like subway to go in… LOL.

    Like I said, a bar (they applied for a full liquor license so you can your whiskey) and jazz club sounds great to me. But I find it hard to believe that they will draw enough business to make it profitable. For 1 BBP will have any effect on the traffic, they need to actually sell some units. That place is completely dark at night. I’d be interested to know what their occupancy is currently.

  • Homer Fink

    Note to self: buy new calendar.

  • alex

    @DrewB — When I toured 1 BBP out of curiosity a few months back, the statistic the agent gave me was 30% of units had sold but only 15% were occupied. Don’t know if that was true or how it’s changed since.

    Last I read was on Brownstoner in May:

  • Monty

    Re: Clinton St.
    The ground floor retail space (Kiddie Korner) is due to open in September. That should clear up some of the obstruction.

  • DrewB


    That seems plausible. I can see the eastern side form my living room. From what I can tell there are maybe 2-3 apartments occupied on that side. Last night from the promenade I noticed a couple more with lights on at the NW corner. BUt for the most part that place is awfully dark.

  • Ari

    @DrewB & Alex

    I beg to differ, to me it seems like 1BPP has been getting some more and more tenants. I live on the 5th floor of 20 Columbia and have a legendary view of 1BPP, it seems the Western facing units (ie. the suboptimal side of the building) have been filling up. I’m noticing a lot more lights on at night over there. But still. Think about it. Even if 1BPP fills to capacity, we’re talking about 300-500 new residents to the ‘hood. And just knowing there area, I doubt many people will go out of their way to come down the hill to enjoy some wine and jazz. But I could be totally wrong.

    I inquired with the owners about the monthly rent for the corner space as well and the rent didn’t seem too out of control for me. I just think from a profitable business perspective a deli/general store is in dire need in this commercially deserted corner of the neighborhood. Not a niche wine bar.


  • Ari

    After rereading, I realize my sense of direction is off.

    I see the Eastern facing units from my place.


  • nabeguy

    Hicksstres, Rob Mara,

  • Neighborhood Observer

    What ever happened to the Lab Lady?

  • No One Of Consequence

    @Ari & @DrewB
    Would you mind sharing what you found out re pricing? Thanks.

  • GHB

    Anybody notice that down by the waterfront at the end of Montague, some douchebag spray-painted “F*** TOURISTS” in big letters in flourescent pink (or orange) paint? Also painted a big face. If anybody has a cam, can you post the image? I hope they find and arrest that a-hole!