Kings County Dems: It’s Parliamentary

The invite to the Kings County Democratic Committee held last night at St. Francis College dictated NO PRESS. But that didn’t stop NY Times CityRoom scribe Sewell “Don’t Call Me Woodward and/or Bernstein Yet” Chan from getting the scoop.  The headline: City Councilman Charles Barron thinks the state-mandated gathering of the Democratic tribe is too “scripted”:

NY Times City Room: Barron Calls…: The first hint that there it was not to be a business-as-usual gathering came shortly after the pledge of allegiance (that was to become virtually the only part of the meeting that went according to plan), after the group voted to accept the five members who would serve on the party’s credentials committee. Mr. Barron hopped to his feet and asked if he could be the sixth member.

The chairman of the proceedings, State Senator Martin Connor, said that it would require an addition action of the body to increase the size of the committee. Eventually, Mr. Barron was added.

Then came the motion to adopt the rules of the committee, usually a per forma action that defines the bylaws under which the party to operates. Mr. Barron insisted that he had never seen the rules and that they should have been made public long before last night’s meeting.

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  • anon

    Does anyone know how the chairman of the meeting Mr.
    Connor was selected. Was he elected, appointed or selected .
    If he was selected was it by a committee or an individual. Who are the people?

  • anon

    do you or did Mr Barron get a copy of the rules?