The Bid for the 25th Goes Down Today

It’s Daniel “The Kid” Squadron versus Sen. Martin “Marty” Connor in today’s 25th State Senate District Democratic primary.  Details here.

Last week, we announced that BHB Readers have endorsed Squadron in this race.

Some folks on the BHA’s mailing list report receiving an email from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation’s Joanne Witty supporting Connor today (Update: The BHA emailed us to say that they never share their contact information).  The incumbent squeaked by in the 2006 primary against Ken Diamondstone by less than 2000 votes.  Text of Witty’s email after the jump.

You probably know a lot about the State Senate primary race between Marty Connor and Daniel Squadron, but there are two things you may not know.

First, there was a debate last week at St. Francis sponsored by Citizens Union, a non-partisan advocate for reform in Albany. After interviewing both candidates and listening to the debate, Citizens Union announced that it preferred Marty Connor in this race. They said that “Connor, because of his knowledge and length of service, would undeniably be in a stronger and more experienced position to effectively advance critical reforms than his challenger.” The complete statement, which has a lot more detail about both candidates, can be found by clicking here.

Second, you should know how important your vote is. In the last election, the margin of victory was about 2,000 votes. The turn-out this year may be lower since there are few other important races in this Senate District. That means every vote is important, really important: a few hundred votes or even a few dozen could be the margin of victory this time.

There’s one other fact you probably know already: Connor has been a supporter of Brooklyn Bridge Park now under construction, and his challenger is not.

Please vote tomorrow, even if it rains! It could really make a difference.

Thank you,
Joanne Witty

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  • Beavis

    Just pulled the lever for “da kid”.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I was curious about that email from Witty and how she got my name. How do you know it was sent to the BHA list?

  • anon

    the bha is a 403 b supposedly neutral organization.. this needs to be investigated. Joanne Witty and the Bha own Marty bought and paid for at $6000. per elite head.

  • nabeguy

    “Da kid” was shaking and baking in front of PS 8 this morning. Risky move on his part…he could have been mistaken for one of the students if it wasn’t for the beard.

  • Homer Fink

    I received that email at my “real” work address. Apart from Dick Swizzle, the BHA is the only “blog related” organization that has that address.

  • anon

    Isn’t Dick Dady one of the Bha elites head of the citizens union. this smells bad.

  • nicky 215

    Daniel Squadron is a supporter of a real park.. Brooklyn Bridge Park without the condos… and the manicured lawn in front of Ms. Wittys house . Ms Witty paid Marty Connor $6000.00 so that she has a nice lawn without people- that is not a real park

  • jazz

    marty backed LIEBERMAN, turncoat + impeachment advocate in 04

  • BklynLifer

    Where are the Connor troops? Squadron has volunteers all over the place.

  • jazz

    old people fear the rain, this should bode well for daniel

  • DAB

    voted connor — you don’t bring about quality change by voting out the good guys and trashing their records. nor is it clear that trashing the BHA is thinking past the immediate moment.

  • jazz

    i change my undies when they get old and crusty, same should apply to government.

  • anon

    Aside from supporting Connor and the condo development..Just what has the BHA recently accomplished.
    Just look at Montague St.- its Awful

  • BklynLifer

    Who said Connor is a “good guy”? This is the second election in a row where he was TROUNCED.

    The only people who voted for him were “machine” voters in Shelly Silver’s district and in Williamsburg. Brownstone Bklyn HATES him.

    Good riddance.