That’s Mohel Folks!

The NY Daily News reports the United Jewish Organization “robocalled” residents of Williamsburg on Sunday reportedly urging them not to attend a rally for NYS Senate candidate Daniel Squadron and to vote for incumbent Sen. Martin Connor.  Why?  Squadron’s alleged opposition to the ritual circumcision practice known as  Metzitza B’Peh, which resulted in three infants becoming infected with neonatal herpes in 2004.  One of the babies died.  How can that happen?  The Jewish Ledger describes the practice:

In metzitzah b’peh, a mohel orally sucks blood from the site of the genital cut he makes during the circumcision procedure. Not all haredi groups mandate the practice, but several haredi sects insist that it is required by Jewish law.

The NYC Board of Health opposes the practice.  Mayor Bloomberg has promised to find “common ground” on the issue with Haisidic leaders.  Connor tells the NY Daily News “I didn’t get involved in that, to tell you the truth … It’s a difficult situation. Bloomberg’s administration was handling it. I don’t know enough about it.”

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  • dw

    hold the moil … it’s a goil!

  • Claude Scales

    How does a post about “Uni Sushi at Tenda Asian Bistro” relate to one about metzitzah b’peh?

  • Cranberry Beret

    Mystery tag – “most outrageous bhb”

  • nabeguy

    Claude, maybe they both suck.

  • Claude Scales

    Wait, I get it. It’s the line, “I’ve never experienced such a high level of terror over something in my mouth”, in the sushi post.

  • here since 89

    squadron is sushi -on toast.

  • isaac

    it is not true clip this is a cut and past job evrybody can see the two different voices combined

  • my2cents

    I am jewish, and I find that suction practice abhorrent and backwards. So i guess I am with Squadron on this one! I don’t think this practice is medically advisable and I think that it should be banned. It will still be done in secret, of course, but at least the city will have legal recourse in cases here it goes wrong, and can imprison Mohels who spread disease through their malpractice.

  • AEB

    Yet another example of the barbarism of orthodox dogma–that of ANY group.

    One shudders at the psychological disposition that requires endless enactment of antediluvian in the name of (a) god, yet.