Adieu, Pop-up Pool?

Every summer you stroll the Promenade, gaze down at the Pop-Up Pool, and think, “I gotta get down there someday.”

And then somehow you don’t, and then summer’s over, and you think, “I’ll get there next summer.”

If you try that in 2016, you’re going to be out of luck, because the Pop-Up Pool’s days may well be numbered, says the Brooklyn Eagle.

After a highly successful four-year run, the popular little Pop-Up Pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park is set to close at the end of next summer.

Local officials are urging the park to keep it open, however, while conducting a study of the feasibility of installing a permanent pool.

The pool, always intended to be temporary, was included in a Memorandum of Understanding agreed to by the city, state Senator Daniel Squadron and Assemblymember Joan Millman in 2012. The pool’s construction cost $700,000, according to the Brooklyn Bridge Conservancy.

Local pols Squadron, Lander, and Levin are talking to Brooklyn Bridge Park officials about keeping the pool around, without much success so far, though the Eagle reports that funds are being sought for a permanent pool in the Park.

Read the full story at the Eaglethen check the calendar for summer 2016 and make a date to swim on the waterfront before it’s too late.

Photo credit Teresa Genaro

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  • Jorale-man

    A key question is, will BBP replace the pool with more actual parkland – i.e. trees, grass, plants, etc.? Or will it become another parking lot, condo amenity, or concrete “recreation” space? As nice as the pool is (especially for kids and their parents), I could live with its elimination if it meant more green space in the park.

  • Concerned

    I hope they replace it with another basketball Court…………..

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I love how the original agreement suddenly matters.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Love the pool. I will miss it greatly. My guess is that a portion of a new berm will replace pool.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I’d care to speculate on whether any present and future decisions regarding the pool are likely influenced, like the wobbly bridge, by its proximity to the windows of the units.

  • CHatter

    I vaguely recall the original plans having a low-rise maintenance shed in that spot, with tennis courts proposed on top. But I can’t find a copy of the original plan map. The bigger question is what are the plans for the rest of the Pier 2 uplands–I’d be happy for a continuation of the berm, as Karl suggests, much moreso than a parking lot anyway!

  • Andrew Porter

    This is the image I saved in 2010, but there’s nothing specific in that spot:

  • Andrew Porter

    You wouldn’t want to have low-class (read: local Brooklyn) people making noise right next to those PierHouse Hotel windows, would you?

  • Dean Collins

    ridiculous to spend $700k for something that only ran 4 years.

    Im never against collection of taxes…..until I see how its being spent and it makes me livid.

  • gatornyc

    It will be more green space including a new water feature.

  • Banet

    The plan, so I’m told by a park employee, is for a continuation of the berm, a “water garden” similar to the irrigation ponds by pier 1, and a large natural water feature/play area/fountain designed for easy entry for toddlers and kids to play and cool off. Not a proper water playground like The Water Lab — something more like the water area in Manhattan’s Teardrop Park.

  • CHatter

    Sounds lovely!

  • Banet

    I’m sure it will be as lovely as most of the rest of the park.

    While I do mourn the loss of the pool I understand why they want to come up with something that’s less structured and can be enjoyed more hours of the day and more days of the year.

    Possibly even more important is that by adding more berm here there will be an almost continuous stretch of sound blocking building or berm all the way from the hotel at Pier 1 to the entrance at your Joralemon Street.

    Once this is in place I think we will all be stunned at how much more pleasant entire park experience becomes.

  • TeddyNYC

    That’s what I was thinking.