Thank You, Marty

loho10002 photoSen. Martin Connor served our neighborhood for 30 years during some of the darkest times to be a New York State Democrat.  Say what you will about his record, the fact remains that he served faithfully as our man in Albany for a generation.  For that we are grateful.   And while Martin Connor won’t be our State Senator come January, he will still be Marty, our Brooklyn Heights friend and neighbor.

Connor tells the Brooklyn Paper, “I’ve enjoyed represening the people for nearly 30 years, but I look forward to having a life where I get to take off weekends and take vacations.”

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  • Claude Scales

    Well said. As a Senator, Marty Connor was on the good side of many issues, including civil rights for gays and lesbians, accessibility, school bus safety, and others. He had the misfortune to be on the minority side of the Senate for his entire tenure there. I wish him all the best in whatever direction his career now takes.

  • esplanader

    Marty, take a nice vacation. I bet you can get a good deal renting Charlie Rangel’s villa in the Dominican Republic. He needs to drum up some cash pronto.

  • BklynLifer

    Yes, Marty was “good” on many issues, but he looked at the state senate seat he occupied as “his” and not “the people’s.” He represented the elite of Bklyn Heights and the people who supported him financially. If he had only taken the SLIGHTEST interest in the vast majority of the people in his district, he wouldn’t have lost by such a huge amount. Marty won only 4 Election Districts out of 66 — he lost the Heights (about 57% for Squadron) and Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens (about 70% for Squadron). Eighty percent of the people who voted at PS 29 voted for Squadron. That says an awful lot about the quality of representation Marty provided.

    I don’t feel sorry for him. I think his contempt for his constituents was amply rewarded.