Botched Break In at Browning Frames and Prints

Someone tried to break into Browning Frames and Prints on Cranberry Street around 4am, owner Katie Browning tells BHB.  An eyewitness account claims that a caucasian male about 6 feet tall hurled a huge rock at the store’s glass door, damaging but not breaking through it.  He also kicked in the lower portion of the door in his futile attempt to gain entrance.  The entire front facade including the door were just painted and redone last week.

According to Browning, the witness claims the perp was dressed in full white chef’s garb and was carrying what appeared to be a pizza box.  NYPD was on the scene this morning and have seized the rock (most likely taken from the tree box in front of the store) to examine for traces of the scoundrel’s DNA.

Two similar incidents have happend this year at Temple B’nai Avraham on Remsen Street.  North Heights residents tell BHB that a Hicks Street business was also victim of a window smasher recently.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to call the NYPD at 1-800-577-TIPS(8477).

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  • hezekiah_pierrepont

    Chef’s garb? Is the Busy Chef still on the loose?

  • Cranky

    lol. Hezekiah you read my mind!

  • jen

    haha ditto.

  • GHB

    And you wonder why storekeepers put up gates?

  • annie

    let’s not blame the shopkeeper.

  • lifer

    If its a landmarked neighborhood, you’re not allowed to put gates in front of the windows anymore, only inside

  • GHB

    I know… I’m just saying this is why shopkeepers do it.

  • nabeguy

    Given the story above this one, anybody want to venture a guess that the perp was Bill Hurt?

  • lifer

    It would be pretty hilarious if we find out Mr Hurt plays a chef on the show..

  • esplanader

    A caucasian man in full chef’s garb throwing a rock at 4 AM?
    In Brooklyn Heights, that could be anybody.

  • nabeguy

    It’s got to be Kaufman. He must have misunderstood his lawyer when he told him he was being framed.

  • my2cents

    haha. nice one!

  • Cranky

    lol nabe guy.