Congregation B’nai Avraham Smash and Grab

Our pals at Congregation B’nai Avraham have had another break-in according to the Brooklyn Paper.  Back in June, BHB reported on a similar smash and grab at the synagogue.  Last year, the congregation were victims of the hate graffitti spree of alleged pipe bomber Ivaylo Ivanov. The thug in question in this case is quite dapper according to this description:

Brooklyn Paper: Whew!: The burglar was wearing an argyle sweater and a dark hat, the witness said.  The incident is the second attempted burglary at Congregation B’nai Avraham this summer. On June 4, a man smashed the front door and tried to break in, but was thwarted when another neighbor called the cops after hearing shattered glass, and the burglar couldn’t get in the front door. That burglar also disappeared before police could arrive.

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  • eric

    What ever happened to Ivo? Did he make bail? Is he awaiting trial?

  • No One Of Consequence

    Maybe he’ll open a restaurant at Corner of Cranberry.

  • nabeguy

    No way NOOC, it would just bomb.