Connor Campaign: Push Poll? Not us.

From the BHB Inbox comes this response to our story yesterday about a supposed “push poll” being conducted in Brooklyn Heights from Connor campaign director Mike Barfield:

“The Connor campaign did not conduct the push poll that many of our supporters in Brooklyn report receving this weekend. Push polls are unethical and and insulting to the public that they mislead.

I am surprised anyone would suspect our campaign of conducting such a poll when its primary messages were all negative towards Senator Marty Connor. Surely, we would not conduct a push poll with the primary purpose of negatively influencing the public’s perception of our candidate.

Since John Chromzak’s campaign has already stated they did not conduct the poll, this begs the following question. In a two-way race, whose interest is it in to conduct a negative push poll about Marty Connor? Senator Connor, or his opponent?”

The Squadron campaign has not responded to our request for comment as of Wednesday afternoon.

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  • weegee

    I beg the Connor campaign to not succumb to the all-too-common belief that “beg the question” means “implore one to ask something.”

    This pet peeve of mine has its own website (which, unfortunately, I did not create.)

  • nabeguy

    Since I’m the bonehead who made the initial accusation against the Connor camp, let me be the first to offer them my apologies for any negative influence my suspicions may have resulted in. Perhaps at my age, my hearing is getting as hard as my politics, but I did not get an anti-Connor vibe from the woman who was conducting the poll. On the other hand, she sounded to be about as old as Marty. so maybe that’s what put the wrong bug in my ear.

  • nicky215

    I think the woman was Martys wife Chris

  • pwalsh82

    The sound of Squadron’s silence is deafening. What a surprise.

    Nicky – lol.

  • nabeguy

    If Squadron is pushing for tranparency in the legislative process, he might try by starting with his campaign tactics. HF, let us know if you hear anything from his camp.