Marty Playing Dirty? Push Polling In Brooklyn Heights?

Brooklyn Heights Blog regular “nabeguy” asked this question in our Martin Connor Gives Bonus For Himself post:

Did anyone else receive a “non-partisan” canvassing call from his office this weekend? They wouldn’t identify themselves as such, but when I mentioned in response to a question that no one from the Squadron campaign had knocked on my door, the woman stated “they’ve been doing a lot of that recently”.

This smells like Push Polling, when a political campaign or an organization supporting a political campaign, conducts a “poll” under the guise of legitimate research to influence the voters’ opinion. Has anyone else received this type of phone call?

Update: We asked Allie Nigolian, spokesperson for GOP candidate John Chromczak, if this was the work of their campaign.  She responds via email: “No, our campaign is not conducting push polls. If in fact “The Institution” himself, Martin Connor, is having to conduct such polls it is a sure sign of desperation, maybe he is realizing what we all know is true – his time is up.” (HF)

Update 2: We’ve contacted both Connor and Squadron camps, neither have responded as of Wednesday (8/6) morning. (HF)

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  • Jane

    We didn’t get a call, we got a visit last night from someone canvasing for O’Connor, looking to discuss issues!

  • nabeguy

    In all fairness, I probably should have couched my suspicions in more clear-cut terms. As I said, the questionerr did not identify herself as being from Connor’s office, but the slant of the questions seemed to lean that way. Hey, for all I know, it could have been someone from Squadron’s office, pulling a looey on me. I do found it curious, however, that I received a follow-up visit the day after from some rather young, but earnest, men from Connor’s campaign.I also find it curious that, after 30 years in office he’s representing himself as a “progressive” candidate. If it takes 3 decades to make progress in Albany, it’s a lost cause!

  • Rstarveling

    That push poll very clearly came from Squadron. All of the leading negative statements were about Connor. Connor may not be great, but he knows better than to do a push poll about himself.

    Don’t let your personal prejudices twist your writing

  • Jazz

    god help the Connor campaign if they are astroturfing BHB

  • nicky215

    Regardless of who did it. It is time for Connor to go. His time is up. Its just 30 years too late.

  • cfb

    I got the survey as well this weekend. Didn’t interpret it as “push polling”; more likely one side or the other is testing out campaign themes for later use.