Hurt Hearts Siggy’s

Our new (temporary?) neighbor, Oscar Winner William Hurt is hard at work in his bid to displace Paul Giamatti as The Most Famous Person in Brooklyn Heights. Considering this item from the NY Post’s Page Six, he’s probably  headed to shakin’ hands and kissing babies next:

NY Post: WILLIAM Hurt knows how to schmooze his female fans. The “Body Heat” star was dining at Siggy’s Good Food in Brooklyn Heights the other night when a 40-something hottie zeroed in to gush about “Altered States,” in which Hurt reverts to caveman state by dropping mescaline. “William laughed and said, ‘Thank you, but about the only way I alter my states these days is organically. Why do you think you see me here so often?’ ” our spy said. “They shared a polite laugh, then went back to finishing their meals separately in peace.”

Hurt is here filming the new season of FX’s Damages. The drama also stars Hurt’s Big Chill castmate Glenn Close and Ted Danson.  New episodes are said to debut in early 2009.

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  • keever

    It always makes me happy to see Siggy’s get press. Good food, indeed.