Who is the New Mailer

10732423-10732431-slarge.jpgThe passing of Norman Mailer marks the death of consensus over who is the most famous resident of Brooklyn Heights.  There are many "notable" neighbors here, but their fame is totally dependent on your perspective. We have many actors, writers, pundits and moguls among us but who has managed to cut through the clutter of pop culture to earn the "Most Famous Resident" title?

Heights resident/lefty blogger Instaputz tells BHB it could right wing pundit Peggy Noonan.  Other journos include John Podhoretz or Ann Althouse (who by the way seems to be taking up meteorology).

Others have suggested thesps Paul Giamatti and Gabriel Byrne. 

There are also a few writers following in Mailer's (zip code) footsteps: Kurt Andersen, Rick Moody and Paul Auster to name a few.

That's just a taste. Comment below with your suggestions. Once we have a good list together, BHB will post a poll and name new "Most Famous Resident of Brooklyn Heights".

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  • ABC

    Isn’t Kurt Anderson in Carroll Gardens? isn’t Rick Moody on Fishers Island? Isn’t Paul Auster in Park Slope?

  • Beavis

    My dog.

    Frankly, who cares? Why feed into America’s star f**k pathology and instead let everyone just live their lives in peace?

    I know we don’t have royalty to obsess over, but do we really need to annoint a most famous resident? Yawn.

  • Homer Fink

    You are correct, Moody bugged out in ’98. That’s one down.

  • Cranberry

    homer you have my vote… You even seem to walk about the neighborhood in the same manner.

  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com ts

    Auster’s wife, Siri Hustvedt, gets my vote. Mainly cuz she’s smokin’.

  • Cranberry


    You obviously care otherwise you wouldn’t be blogging. Its always funny when someone states that on a blog. Anyone who visits this site is facinated with the lives of others. Myself included.

  • http://www.myspace.com/billyreno Billy Reno

    My vote is for Gabriel Byrne…or one Homer Fink.

  • cS

    Definately Homer Fink!!! Saw his pix on somebody’s myspace page. He’s McHunky!!!

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    There ought to be a sign on this post:
    Please Don’t Feed The Ego.

  • http://adsformyself.blogspot.com Tim N.



  • nabeguy

    I vote for the Goggle Bros.

  • NoIkea

    Jim Grant, author of a biography of Alexander Hamilton, among other title, and editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. Clearly the most interesting, especially these days.

  • BHBabe

    I go with nabeguy — love them goggle bros :)

  • AliG

    Definitely Goggle Bros!

    We see Shalom Harlow everywhere these days. Not really on par w/ Mailer but a nabe celeb nonetheless.

  • Da Pedro

    The cat that lives at Siggy’s gets my vote.