Listen to The Homer Fink Show 8/22/08

On this edition of The Homer Fink Show – NYS Senate candidate Daniel Squadron. The 28 year old upstart is challenging 30 year incumbent Martin Connor in the September 9 Democratic primary. He will be on the November ballot regardless of the outcome of that contest via the Working Families Party.

Squadron discusses Brooklyn Bridge Park, LICH, LGBT rights, education and other issues with Homer and super blogger Claude Scales. Listen after the jump and find out how he feels about campaign rhetoric regarding his father Howard Squadron, his finances and that Yale drama club. And more importantly, what he says about running in November if he loses the Democratic primary.

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  • T.K. Small

    Sorry that I could not participate in your show this past Friday. I was on my way to the Catskills and basically stuck in traffic when you aired. However I listened to the show when I returned from the mountains.

    Squadron did not leave a great impression with me. He seemed like his answers were basically canned and memorized. With almost all of his responses, when he got to the end it was like he hit a wall.

    The most disturbing fact that came of the interview was learning to that Homer might quit the broadcasting business.

  • Homer Fink

    TK – I’m not quitting (did that already years ago) we’re just trying to figure out the best time slot for the Fall. John Chromczak is going to be a guest in September. And we may even do a show this Friday!

    If anyone has suggestions on the best time slot – fire away.

  • T.K. Small

    Anytime that does not conflict with my radio program!