WCBS-TV Hops on Probie Office Story

Channel 2 has picked up on the 1 Pierrpoint Plaza probation office story – about a month late and with no new information.  But hey at least Hillary Richard, parent of a St. Ann’s student got some camera time:

WCBS-TV: Feds Wedge…: As one might imagine, parents, like Hillary Richard, are worried. Richard says she was shocked find that the U.S. Probation Office plans to move in just a few doors down from St. Anne’s Elementary School.

“I thought it was a stupid idea,” she tells CBS 2.

What it means is that ex-offenders, most of them white collar criminals, will report to the Brooklyn Heights office. But others, including violent offenders and sex offenders, will also report, and that has Richard, a mother of two students at the school, concerned.

“It’s a crime of impulse, a crime by people who lack control,” she says, referring to sex offenders. “Putting small children in front of them, it’s a bad idea.”

Tony Garoppolo of the U.S. Probation Office says there’s no need to worry and claims most of the sex offenders never molested and won’t.

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  • No

    Check out this site.

    Do a look up for the 11201 zip code and zoom in on the map a little.

    Note the bright red square at Pierrepont and Cadman. Click on it to retrieve a list of names, which will then link you to more details about each offender.

    As some of the names in the list appear in other locations, and the fact that the bright red square is to indicate “offender home,” I don’t think they actually live there. So I’m going to guess that this is the registered address of their parole office.

    What a fun site!

    And click on the “X”-ed square which is St. Ann’s School.

    closest [sex] offender 0.04 miles
    offenders within 1000 ft 44

    I wonder how these numbers will change with the consolidation of offices.

  • No One Of Consequence

    “most of the sex offenders never molested and won’t”

    My brief perusal of the data at the above site would hold this statement to be true.

    It seems that sodomy outranks molesting.

    Feel better?

  • McNulty

    “As one might imagine. . .” — tabloid journalism at its worst. That parents might learn facts and react calmly is, of course, not imagined.

    Alert parent — “their kids.” unless you mean “not watching there, kids.” And how alert are you if you’re not sure who is watching whom at all times? Busted. You will also find that most sexual crimes are committed by family members or close friends. Good thing you’re not an actuary.

    Oh, Ms. Richard, take care of your split ends before going on tv next time.