State & Hicks Empty Lot Begets $10.5M in Real Estate

The Corcoran Group posted listings and a rendering (above) today for a renovated townhouse at 45 State Street and a new home to be built on a vacant lot at the corner of State and Hicks that is listed as 314 Hicks Street.  While the homes are being sold separately, they are being marketed in tandem on a website posted by the owner.

The renovated 5 story townhouse on State is listed for $4.25M while the 6 story new building on Hicks is listed at $6.2M. The Brooklyn Eagle reports that some renovation work has begun on State while construction has not begun on the Hicks Street property.  Corcoran lists the completion date of State as October 2008 and of Hicks as Summer 2009.

And now, in the developer’s own words, a description of the project:

The two houses at State and Hicks Streets were designed by New York City based architect Gordon Kahn, who incorporated both the classic and modern aesthetic to create two homes, each in a unique style. Layouts and finishes were carefully selected with great attention to detail. This two-home project reunited Mr. Kahn with Bilotta Kitchens, a high-end design firm that is highly regarded for its expertise and creativity in design and customization of the finest kitchens. The third project partner, ZMK Group, Inc., has previously collaborated with the architect and the kitchen design firm, and is well-known in the industry as an expert in consultation and contract work. Their expertise in high-end residential interior construction and finish work has enabled them to build these homes according to the specifications and vision of the architect. No detail or finish was spared in the ultimate vision, design, creativity, materials or construction of these magnificent homes.

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