Can Alfalfa Stop the War on Trees?

Friends, there clearly is a war on trees happening in Brookyn Heights and DUMBO.  Today’s reports from the Brooklyn Eagle regarding two evergreens put in “cement shoes” on Remsen Street and from the Brooklyn Paper of “artist” Olafur Eliasson’s continued NYC Waterfall attack on trees lining the Brooklyn Heights Promenade as well as trees at the River Cafe have us very concerned. Oh, and lest we forget the Mansion House Elm controversy?

Makes you wonder if this is just another salvo in an ages old battle between man and tree.

In 1936, Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer of the Little Rascals unleashed his rendition of Joyce Kilmer’s Trees on an unsuspecting world.  Who knows how many arborcides that tour de force may have prevented (or caused)?  Of course that did not stop the branch snapping forces of evil from making Switzer the victim of a “justifiable homicide” in 1959.  (Those same forces didn’t stop Officer Joe Bolton from trying to cover up the tragedy when Homer and a group of other youngsters asked “where is Alfalfa now?” at a 1971 public appearance in Seaside Heights, NJ.  “Well kids,” our favorite faux NYPD TV celeb said, “Alfalfa was shot in a hunting accident.”)

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