Eagle: 73 Pineapple Will Be Good Neighbor

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that proposed building at 73 Pineapple will be a “good neighbor” according to architect of  Sherida Paulsen of Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg (PKSB) Architects, also the firm behind the revamped 20 Henry Street:

Brooklyn Eagle: 73 Pineapple…: It will be “a good neighbor building,” according to its architect, Sherida Paulsen of Pasanella + Klein Stolzman + Berg (PKSB) Architects in Manhattan…

…“The building sits between two other buildings where the one is a buff color and the other is pinkish-red, so we chose something in the middle,” Paulsen said. “Also the building closer to Henry Street has bay windows and we took that as the model for this one’s design.”

It will also be an improvement for the street itself and neighbors support it.

As previously reported, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, in approving its design last fall, said the building, “set at the property line, strengthens the streetwall on this block” and its height and scale “relates to the height and scale of the block.”

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  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Will it look as good as the trailers on Middagh? Can someone get a picture of our new trailer park?

  • bibi

    In order for the new building to truly blend in, it will have to be filled with sad, unemployed, rent-control tenants like in the adjacent two flea-traps.

  • AB

    But the building to the immediate East of the proposed structure has been recently renovated.

    Improvements include electricity, walls and floors in all ground-floor apartments plus windows through which light can pass.

  • here since 89

    this is an old neighborhood, it’s not DUMBO, we have the old, ancient-old, white trash. That’s the truth.

  • AB

    Not to go all high-horsey here, but I find the term white trash repellent. It’s “equal-opportunity” racist, disdainful of whites and, by implication, blacks, the certain comparative.

    But entertaining the description for the moment, who in BH qualifies as white trash? I’m not taking the position that all residents here are too high-born to qualify; rather, I can think of NO ONE I’ve seen here who answers to the stereotype.

  • Andrew Porter

    Apparently “bibi” is our friendly “all rent-controlled people are evil” poster. However, seeing as how none of the building’s tenants will have been living there since 1970, there will in fact be no rent-controlled tenants at all. Nor will there be sad, unemployed, white trash. Unless two of these posters on this thread chose to move there.

    I’m just waiting for the foundations of the new place to go in, even while the idiots who move in to 71 and 75 try to sleep in the morning with construction going on literally inches from their apartments. Or maybe they’ll be too dimwitted to notice they’ll have moved in to a construction site.

    I noticed work being done on the cornice on 75. Hope they clean off the facade as well, and give the pigeons a long-overdue eviction notice.