Eagle: Humans Moving into One Brooklyn Bridge Park

Actual human beings are moving into One Brooklyn Bridge Park this weekend, according to the Brooklyn Eagle. New residents will be serenaded by Cabaret Francais on Monday evening, the paper says they’re known for “eloquent and romantic melodies, and to the syncopated rhythms of cool jazz”. Fancy!

Brooklyn Eagle: First Residents..: The lobby recreates the original “streamlined grandeur of the monumental 1929 building,” according to Levine. In addition to a full-time concierge and a large cold-storage room, the lobby now has multiple entrances — from Furman Street, Joralemon Street and Atlantic Avenue.

The building is the former home of the Watchtower’s shipping complex whose address was 360 Furman St. In its reincarnation as One Brooklyn Bridge Park, it now offers a variety of spacious loft apartments, townhouses and penthouses many with the building’s original columns.

Moving in there? Comment below!

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  • nazimova

    does anyone know what was going on early this morning @ the St. George Hotel on the Henry St entrance?? 3 cop cars and staff outside I came along towards the end of whatever it was..but they were talking about calling Parents..and I think the front car had someone in it( they were starting topull away@ that point..

  • jocelyn

    this building is a fraud. nobody lives there and the quality of construction is terrible. avoid.

  • http://www.mattgold.com matt

    A friend of mine bought there and it is terrible. they have been telling people that they could move in since spring and nobody lives there. and the construction is flimsy. now they are going to lower prices – what a joke. they still won’t sell.

  • bhmom

    I thought the St. George Hotel apts on the Henry side are student housing. How could people have bought there?

  • bhmom

    Oh, sorry, I get it. They are talking about the One BB Park and Nazimova’s comment was off-subject.

  • t

    Back on track… 1BBP is a dream! I’ve been here since July – love it – and it’s getting better and better. Attention to detail and amenities are over-the-top!

  • r

    I heard they are not selling at all and may consider alternate structures. Anybody know anything about this.