Off Topic: Fink’s Cautionary HDTV Tale

BHB publisher Homer Fink lets loose on Panasonic today in this missive posted on The Fink File:

The Fink File: In December 2005, Poppa Fink purchased a very nice Panasonic HDTV as a housewarming gift for me and Mrs. Fink. Ah! The Panasonic th37phd8uk sure was a sweet set up. Was… is the operative term. After less than 3 years on the job, it developed some weird bars and lines on the screen (simulated above). I called the great folks at Advisory Radio & TV repair. They quickly diagnosed the issue. This week they came back with the estimate to fix the problem. At a price tag north of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, they suggested it was time for a new TV at the Finktroplex. Read more

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  • jd

    Did they mention where the fault was? From what you described, it could be a problem with one of the inputs (fairly common), or the driver for the display itself.

  • val

    Homer, I hate to say this, but we have a Samsung that has THE SAME PROBLEM! If possible, right now (as in today), get an extended warranty on the new TV. Buy it, if you must, for four years. Our TV started acting naughty after three and a half years.