Busted Chef Chronicles Part 1: You Can Fool Some of the People…

Accused fraudster Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman may have duped some area notables in addition to the 24 alleged victims authorities claim were robbed of a combined $25,000 by his “double dipping” their credit cards.

The Brooklyn Paper was first duped by the Busted Chef in April 2007 when it identified Kaufman by what could be one of many aliases, “Chef Coffee”. This year, after many Busy Chef ads ran in the paper and on its website, a quote from Kaufman is featured in Brooklyn Paper’s media kit. (PDF here)

The Brooklyn Heights Association was also not immune to the Kaufman Kool-Aid. It wrote a fawning piece about Kaufman in its Fall 2007 newsletter. The Busted Chef told the BHA that “our mission is to be a good neighbor”. The BHA’s Judy Stanton tells the New York Post today that she was “really surprised” by Kaufman’s alleged deeds.

In the interest of “full disclosure”: Busy Chef briefly purchased a small amount of advertising on BHB in 2007. Homer Fink filled in as a columnist for the Brooklyn Paper last year.

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  • nazimova

    Guy duped you all pretty good..Ahh.. for the days when the neighborhood was known for gay bars and gangsters..Funny I don’ t recall them robbing their patrons !!! In fact they would even send over dessert and after dinner drinks.. Why who ever heard of such a thing!! Aren’t you all glad those days are gone forever?

  • mrmcd

    I guess the Curse of Cranberry lives on…

  • beth

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Nancy

    Well at least they aren’t closing the Starbucks around here

  • beth

    How about some good news! Tazza! I haven’t been to Tazza yet. Is it great?

  • http://www.mwscomp.com/movies/grail/grail-05.htm Bedevere

    Once in a while a witch hunt nets a real witch.

    “And what do you burn apart from witches?”

  • Matilda

    It’s not the Curse of Cranberry, it’s the curse of Su Su’s Yum Yum. No restaurant has succeded in that location since Su Su’s was forced out by a huge rent raise. Long live Su Su!

  • firedquit

    its nice to see that Karma still rides the high planes of brooklyn with a six shooter and a badge.

  • Elvis III

    Bedevere- More Witches!!

  • aw

    Let’s stop and think about the real damage that Dan did – we will get our
    money back from the cc companies but what about the employee’s who
    are losing their jobs and the desolation of our neighborhood when there is
    nothing in those spaces…it is really sad.
    I am not a fan of all 4 places but I love the wine bar and think it has been
    a great addition to the neighborhood. We should differentiate because it
    wasn’t Dan’s establishment it was Amanda Green’s. I have met a lot of
    amazing neighbors, they have great cocktails and wine, and the staff is
    How about instead of badmouthing everything we keep Amanda’s memory
    alive and support the employees who now are left to pick up the pieces.
    It could be the one good thing that came out of Dan’s mishaps.

  • someone who knows

    Amanda should’ve done her homework and researched who she was getting involved with. It’s too bad for all those employees but in the long run they’ll be better off getting him out of their lives and out of your community.
    He should rot for all the harm he’s done.

  • Same as Boston

    This is nothing new. Dan did the same thing at his restaurant in Boston called “South Kitchen and Wine Bar”. He just didn’t get caught. He fled to New York when things started to get fishy! There was a thread going on for years on Shameless Restaurants-Boston but it was just taken down.

  • http://murphyslawbar.com Murphy’s Law

    I was wondering where Dan disappeared to!!!