Busted Chef Out On Bail

According to the Department of Corrections, “Busted Chef” Dan Kaufman posted bail, and was discharged yesterday. According to our “source”, “that doesn’t jive with the BP story about a Wednesday hearing at which time bail would be discussed”.

Hide your credit cards. Allegedly.

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  • No One Of Consequence

    $20 says he makes a run for it.

  • RRP

    So who exactly is this guy? Would I have seen him inside the Court St. location? Is he the tall, thin, friendly guy?

  • someone who knows

    he’s gone, I guarantee it… he’ll run and turn up a few years from now somewhere else. Probably wont be far, he’s not smart enough for that. I was really hoping he’d get his this time around

  • also in the know

    Maybe he was stealing the money to pay unpaid child support to his daughter in Vermont.

  • Murphy’s Law

    I was wondering where Dan went!

  • winebarstaff

    We the employees of all establishments @ corner of Cranberry would like the opportunity to say our peace….We never had any knowledge of this situation and would like to continue to serve the community, our patrons and friends with honest and true intentions. We are under NEW MANAGEMENT and Mr. Kaufman is not welcomed nor is employed under any of these establishment, ever again. As we all have paid dearly under these circumstances, we implore you, our community, to support your local businesses.

    Thank you all!!!!

  • mickdaquick

    Sorry, girls. Wine Bar is doomed a thousand times over with this kind of Criminal Activity.

    Attempts to forestall its demise are futile.

    Something there is that doesn’t love a Dan Kaufman…

  • http://www.brooklynbackstretch.blogspot.com bkbs

    Mick: Why do you refer to”winebarstaff” as “girls”? Been there a couple of times and have seen a healthy dose of the Y chromosome…

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    mick, lives over the Winebar, therefore has ulterior motives with regard to his post.

    He admitted in a later post that the WineBar is too loud for his taste.

    Must admit, I wouldn’t be crazy about a bar under me but just thought a little context regarding mick’s post was in order.

  • Jazz

    Karl is your name really Dan?

  • Peter

    winebarstaff, I for one plan to continue frequenting your establishment. I appreciate the note, and I am sorry that this knucklehead has tarnished your image.

  • ali

    Winebarstaff – I agree! I have been psyched to see all of the people in there the last few days – keep up the good work!