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Blue Pig Redux on Atlantic?

BHB reader “Jason” sends in this photo, taken by his daughter “Zoey”, of a blue pig in the window of 87 Atlantic Avenue former home of Dallas Jones BBQ. Is this the same mascot from the ill-fated Blue Pig Ice Cream store of Busted Chef fame? Well we do know that the “real” Blue Pig […]

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Cursed Corners?

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: “Is it poor management, bad timing, or just a terrible location?” When a commercial corner location in toney Brooklyn Heights remains perpetually empty, or even when occupied it is home to short-lived enterprises, one might ask that question.One of these unfortunate corners (photo above) is at Clark and Hicks, in the St. […]

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Alan Young, Attorney and Busy Chef Partner Disbarred

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that Alan Young, former Busy Chef, Oven, Wine Bar at 50 Henry and Blue Pig owner (as well as other businesses at those Henry Street addresses) has been disbarred.  The eateries were shuttered last year after manager Dan Kaufman was busted on charges of credit card fraud and identity theft.  The […]

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Busted Chef Case Still Pending

Former manager of the Busy Chef restaurants on Henry Street, Daniel “Busted Chef”Kaufman, is awaiting a trial date for 24 counts of alleged fraud after appearing in Kings County Criminal Court on Dec. 26, 2008. Kaufman, who faces seven years in jail after allegedly stealing approximately $25,000 from former customers’ credit cards, is undergoing a […]

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Busted Chef Case Still Going

Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman’s next day in court will be December 26, 2008 as determined at his last court appearance on October 15, according to Kings County Criminal Court records.  Contrary to erroneous reports on the Internets, no decision or plea have been recorded.

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Eagle: Oven, Busy Chef, Blug Pig Done

The Brooklyn Eagle breaks the news that four of the five restaurants managed by Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman have been closed permanently.  Oven, Busy Chef and Blue Pig on Henry Street and the Busy Chef outlet on Court have all shut down. Brooklyn Eagle: Henry Street Busy Chef…: Kaufman, who allegedly used customers’ credit cards […]

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The Busted Chef Chronicles Part 3: We May Be Dumb, But We’re Not Stupid

The Busy Chef E-mail File and What We Told The Brooklyn Paper a Year Ago That They Didn’t Print A little over a year ago, BHB began receiving information from people claiming to have ties with accused fraudster Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman. They spun tales of someone who was capable of lying to your face […]

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Busted Chef Chronicles Part 2: A Vermont Story

As Grand Jury proceedings in the case against accused fraudster Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman begin this week, his sordid past in New England is rearing its head. As the food monger awaits possible indictments on several counts including identity theft, Kaufman’s track record in Vermont suggests that this is not the first time he’s been […]

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Busted Chef Removed from Brooklyn Paper’s Media Kit

As noted by BHB last week, accused fraudster Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman was featured in the Brooklyn Paper’s media kit.  The presentation, used by the newspaper to attract advertisers, prominently positioned an accolade from the alleged identity thief along with other B’Paper clients Dr. Tony Fahra and Malcolm Smart (Brooklyn Doghouse).

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Busted Chef Update: The Eagle Gets Into It

The Brooklyn Eagle finally posted their “Busted Chef” story: Several employees spoke to the Eagle on condition of anonymity. One said that other employees may have been in on the scheme, and had been fired. He added that workers’ checks had bounced multiple times, although not recently. According to the Eagle, Kaufman was merely a […]

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