Blue Pig Redux on Atlantic?

BHB reader “Jason” sends in this photo, taken by his daughter “Zoey”, of a blue pig in the window of 87 Atlantic Avenue former home of Dallas Jones BBQ. Is this the same mascot from the ill-fated Blue Pig Ice Cream store of Busted Chef fame?

Well we do know that the “real” Blue Pig suffered an injury to its left right ear.

The Real Blue Pig in 2007

However, he may have been repaired. What do you think? Why is he there? And aren’t you glad this isn’t a post about Irene?

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  • C.

    There’s a new Italian restaurant called Red Gravy opening up in the old Mezcal’s on Atlantic.

  • Monty

    A new Italian place on Atlantic? And a new one on Montague? I know this is Brooklyn and all, but seriously the need to differentiate a little bit.

  • Claude Scales

    “Red Gravy” sounds marginally better than “Oh My Pasta”.

  • Andrew Porter

    As the old comic strip “Smokey Stover” put it, “Scram Gravy Ain’t Wavy… 1506: Nix Nix.”

  • A Neighbor

    I don’t think Red Gravy is just another Italian restaurant. It’s owned by Saul Bolton of the Michelin-starred ‘Saul’ on Smith Street.

  • resident

    It might not be “just another” italian restaurant, but you have to wonder why it seems that we get so many new italian places concentrated in one neighborhood, especially considering two mainstays on opposite ends of the ‘hood (Noodle Pudding and Queen). Between those two, la triviata, cafe bon gusto, the re-opening of Armando’s, River Deli, the new italian place that is supposed to go into the old Busy Chef place, the new place on Montague and now this, that’s a ton of Italian food. I probably even missed a place or two.

  • rob

    well thank God its not another Thai restaurant

  • Regina

    Well it would be great if we had at least one good Thai restaurant.

  • ghost

    what new italian place on montague? where?

  • Eddyenergizer

    Its called “Oh My Pasta” (I kid you not) upstairs where the Turkish place was…. oh my bankruptcy.

  • Josh G

    isn’t that injury to the pig’s *right* ear? (i know, i know)

  • BronxKid

    Mexican…we need a good Mexican restaurant.

  • Homer Fink

    @Josh yes totally! Homer needs a vacation!

  • AEB

    The issue isn’t the kind of cuisine but the quality of its preparation.

    Most of the Italian restaurants in BH (if not all) are in fact Italian-American, including Noodle Pudding. That’s not a problem in itself, as worthy dishes can come from their kitchens, even if they seldom do hereabouts.

    What the Heights needs are more SERIOUS X, Y, or Z restaurants, places committed to best eating. For which one needs a clientele equally so.

  • pankymom

    Mourning the loss of the belly dancers at the turkish place. Sigh.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Totally agree with AEB. There are simply no fantastic Italian restaurants in the Heights. I would be thrilled to have just one great Italian restaurant. Hopefully Red Gravy has that potential.

  • cfb

    My concern about “Oh MY Pasta” is that it’s going to be a fast prep takeout lunch place; the new ones that opened in Manhattan died a quick, horrible death.

  • BeeBop Search

    Had a delicious meal at Armando’s last week. @WSN: I sent you a pm at yahoo.

  • Monty

    There are several very good Italian places. Queen is possibly my favorite in the whole city and I’ve eaten at Babbo, Becco and Eataly. Noodle Pudding and River Deli are both very good. Food is flavorful and fresh. All the Italian-American pasta with red sauce places are fine, but they are all kinda the same and nothing I couldn’t cook at home if I had the time and inclination.

    And regarding Red Gravy, all I can say is that I ate at Saul once and it was bad. Like bad bad. Undercooked seafood and my beer was dregs. No idea how they earned a star.

  • BeeBop Search

    Yes, Queen is absolutely the best food.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I agree. Queen has great food. My favorite restaurant is BECCO. Their lasagna bolognese is the best I ever had and the prices are reasonable.
    Armando’s is mediocre at best.

  • AEB

    By the way, passed Fortune House, peered in, and I’m almost certain it’s defunct, despite the renovation signs, which I believe are pro forma in cases like FH’s.

    I suppose getting out of business is the way to go when faced with a lawsuit from (ex-)employees you’ve screwed on wages. You cut your losses and just evaporate, making any collection of owed dough very problematic….

  • Y

    Hate italian food. Another place I am not going to frequent.

  • nabeguy

    Given the comments I predict that “Oh My Pasta” will not lasta .

  • val

    @nabeguy Lul

  • Monty

    @AEB, I passed by Fortune House as well and saw a lot of activity in there. Looked like the owners shaking hands with some contractors

  • Eddyenergizer

    I give another vote for Queen as top Italian food in the area and in the same league with any place in the city.
    Funny thing, last year friends and I checked out “Giovanni’s” a restaurant near my summer place, up in the Catskills. The food was excellent… while I was eating, I’m thinking “this food reminds me of Queen” Well, during the dessert course the owner/chef, Giovanni, came to the table and we started chatting… I mentioned we are from Brooklyn Heights and he said “oh thats where I learned to cook, back in the 70’s, at this place called Queen”.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    That was a nice story. It really is a small world.
    I got to talking to a waiter at Mark Joseph Steakhouse in lower Manhattan only to find that he was from my old neighborhood on Long Island. Brooklyn Heights seems like a million miles away from the South Shore of LI or so it seems to me at times.

    Maybe Nabeguy would like to add his two cents here as he is now a Long Islander!

  • philica

    What did all of this have to do with the Blue Pig? I think I missed something. (But I have to agree that I love Queen…. and Mark Joseph Steakhouse! Readers of BHB have great taste in restaurants!)

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Blue Pig – ice cream – food – restaurants, etc. etc.
    And there you have it, we are all off on a tangent!
    Just think that if we had stuck to the topic of the Blue Pig, look at all the really good info we would have missed.