Busted Chef Removed from Brooklyn Paper’s Media Kit

As noted by BHB last week, accused fraudster Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman was featured in the Brooklyn Paper’s media kit.  The presentation, used by the newspaper to attract advertisers, prominently positioned an accolade from the alleged identity thief along with other B’Paper clients Dr. Tony Fahra and Malcolm Smart (Brooklyn Doghouse).

BHB asked publisher Ed Weintraub about Kaufman’s inclusion in the paper’s marketing efforts.  While the Brooklyn media legend told us he wasn’t aware of the quotes used in the kit, he would investigate.

The result? Kaufman’s quote has been hastily replaced with one from Jeffrey Rodman of Water Street Restaurnt (sic).

While Kaufman is out on bail awaiting a Grand Jury trial, it’s clear that the Court of Public Opinion has rendered its first verdict.

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    I wonder if Kaufman used any of his stolen identities to pay for all the advertising on Brooklyn Paper?