Truck Hits Tree on Hicks Street

This dispatch and photo from BHB tipster “Dwight':

In an effort to bypass an illegally parked van, an oversized transportation truck hit a large Ginkgo tree in front of 165 Hicks Street. No one was injured. The fire department was called to remove the tree.

This accident has left many in the neighborhood wondering if there should be signs posted to regulate the height, speed and width of vehicles permit to travel through the narrow streets of Brooklyn Heights.

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  • Bongo

    Rarely a day goes by without the sound of a truck or coach smacking the branches of trees on Hicks. Often resulting in the loss of branches. Speed is certainly an issue. Some of those out-sized tourist coaches are certainly at fault.

  • nabeguy

    That would be a good start. And better enforcement against double-parking (endemic on Hicks Street) wouldn’t hurt either. For the pavement-remilling project that is currently being done on Middagh, Poplar, and Willow Streets, the city contractors had the foresight to send out arborists in advance to trim all the branches that overhang the streets. A bit of a shock to see all those limbs lopped off, but a better alternative to them being torn off by the behemoth vehicles involved in the re-milling. Borhhere was able to get the city to put up a truck-restriction sign at Henry and Old Fulton, but only last week, I witnessed an 18-wheeler get stuck at Middagh and Willow with no place to go. While signage might be good, it only goes as far as the truckers willingness to obey it or the police to enforce it.

  • bkbs

    A couple of years ago, when I was legally parked on Clark, a neighbor saw a huge truck go by and literally rip a seam from gas tank to driver’s side door–like a can opener. The neighbor got the truck’s info, as the driver got out to examine the damage, then drove away.

    Not to mention the horrific noise pollution at all hours of the day…

    Whatever it takes to regulate traffic, I am all for…

  • bornhere

    Yeah, DOT put up a sign to try to minimize truck traffic barreling down Henry (especially after midnight, when barreling just seems so much louder), but it has made no difference — the convoys continue. Short of putting cops all over, who are dedicated to keeping truck traffic in the Heights to a minimum (in what world?), I’m not sure what can be done. Our trees, our streets, unsuspecting cars parked at corners, and reasonably uninterrupted sleep (and general QOL) are much the worse for wear. But that’s the way it is, I guess.

  • CJP

    And while I’m at it… there’s a downed tree that’s been there for almost a week on Montague in front of Lassen. I guess I should call 311 and see what happens next.

  • spm

    Yesterday around 8am on Clark Street between Hicks and Willow there was a barrier and orange cones up to stop entry (I’ve no idea why.) I saw a Postal Truck drive up on the sidewalk, knocking down one of the cones , Bringing down branches and leaves from a tree and just roaring on bydoing the same on the other end of the street – now why? Really?

    Here’s my other beef: The end of Montague Street has not one but TWO stop signs and cars go through it all the time causing pedestrians to a)scream expletives and b)scatter and run for their lives. NYC could get a nice little income going if they installed cameras to take down license plates for infractions – anyone know someone on the DOT who would be interested in this?

  • JA

    “Trucks” don’t hit trees, “Trucks” don’t wander on to roads they are not allowed on. Truck “Drivers” perform these acts and they are the ones who should be prosecuted. Ace has it correct above as cops are just as likely as “Trucks” to ignore traffic laws.

  • Brad


    Like, I so totally agree!!! The police force should actually pay more attention to trucks making noise!! Now that Guiliani has severly reduced the crime rate in NYC, they have all the time in the world to take care of this heinous crime! All of yous should seriously write your local Congressman to stop this immediately!!!

  • Bob

    Guys, it’s a city. If you want an end to noise and trucks, move to the ‘burbs or put in some triple-panes. Or petition for Hicks and Henry Piazzas ! Try to get a vehicle ban for the BQE ! It’s Brooklyn, not Baldwin or Brentwood. You want to wake up in the city that never sleeps ? Part of that is from all the different trash trucks who make midnight runs on Montague. It is what it is. Fuhgetaboutit.