NYC Waterfalls from Above

BHB Photo Club Contributor Josh Derr shot video of the NYC Waterfalls from above. The result is quite fascinating. He writes:

Personally, I find the view from above the waterfalls much more interesting than the normal views from down below. You can see the pooling area at the top of the frame, and the diffusers in the middle. The sound of the cascading water is actually quite nice, and helps dampen the din of bridge traffic.
From a technical perspective, this scene proved to be a bit more difficult to shoot than I originally anticipated. Aside from the expected reaction of bridge pedestrians (a mix of typical indifference, annoyance, and what-could-this-guy-possibly-be-looking-at curiosity), the bridge vibrates quite a bit more than I expected. Though I was able to reduce the jitters to acceptable levels through the magic of post-processing, you can still see a small amount of jerkiness.

Video after the jump.

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  • Just a Neighbor

    I’m getting vertigo just looking at this pic.