WTF: What the Fruit?

Folks walking by Henry Street in front of the Hotel St. George subway entrance yesterday saw this fruit dealer selling his wares to passersby.  While his produce appeared to be fresher than anything Gristedes ever offered,  he’s clearly a rogue Fruit Dude.  Not to mention that what appeared to be his graffitti laden truck really added to the beauty of this stretch of Henry Street.

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  • jen

    I sincerely hope he returns, I loaded up on beautiful, perfectly ripe fruit cheaper than even Key Food. No fruit flies on it either! Who else sells mangoes for a dollar?

  • HDEB

    Looks great, wonder if he is there legally. I hope he returns frequently.

  • Andrew

    He was back this morning and hopefully will be there regularly.

  • LD

    The cherres for $3.50/pound were delicious. I welcomed him to the neighborhood and replied that he’ll be there 7 days a week. (You’re right, could do without the truck though…)

  • beth

    Oh this sounds great! Did he only have fruit? No veggies?

  • jen

    there were tomatoes (so yes, just fruit)

  • jen

    we can only hope for heronie next time.

  • nigel

    He told me that he’ll be there 24/7 – I only wish he wasn’t joking! Cheap, good fruit is worth the graffitti truck…

  • nabeguy

    24/7? Where and when is he sleeping/restocking/relieving himself? As part of the Bloomberg initiative to get NY’ers to eat a healthier diet, I kind of like this street-level approach although, like HDEB, I think this set-up looks a bit sketchy, even if the fruit does look great. It definitely spells trouble for Peas & Pickles.

  • Troubled Reader

    Does he have the appropriate license to be selling fruit from his stand? I did not have time to check closely earlier today, but I will if I get a chance on my why home from work. In the meantime, if anyone happens to pass by, maybe they can take a look and report back.

  • JGM

    First thing I thought of was the dualing knife truck sharpener guys who have their territories staked out across the city and got to wondering whose turf this rouge fruit guy had suddenly stepped on. Would there be a pending fruit war? Would I side with the new guy in the ugly graffitti van? Or would I side with……oh that’s right, there are no other quality fresh fruit options…this is the Heights!

  • Sean

    I saw the fruit guy there this morning at about 1-1:30 a.m., so maybe, just maybe, he is completely fruity!

  • nabeguy

    Like a bowl of trail mix, what ain’t fruits is nuts.

  • Andrew Porter

    Right next to him was Rick Landy, formerly of Towne Liquor, selling his photographs of the Heights and NYC. Rick told me he’d been kicked off Montague Street…