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WTF: What the Fruit?

Folks walking by Henry Street in front of the Hotel St. George subway entrance yesterday saw this fruit dealer selling his wares to passersby.  While his produce appeared to be fresher than anything Gristedes ever offered,  he’s clearly a rogue Fruit Dude.  Not to mention that what appeared to be his graffitti laden truck really […]

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Breaking News: Busted Chef

BHB has learned that Dan Kaufman, aka Chef Dan, of Busy Chef was arrested a 9am today. Charges against Kaufman include Grand Larceny, Attempted Grand Larceny, Possession of a Forged Instrument and Criminal Impersonation according to the Brooklyn Criminal Court. He will be arraigned this evening. No word on whether this is related to credit […]

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Eddie the Eagle on the Piazza

The Brooklyn Eagle’s mascot, Eddie, was on the scene Sunday for the second weekly Montague Street Piazza. Mrs. Fink reports that Eddie got just a little too frisky with her as she passed by. Luckily, she was able to make a quick getaway. Who knew the ol’ bird was such a cock of the walk?

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Dick Morris on Threats Against the Brooklyn Bridge

Caught this Dick Morris appearance on CPAN-2 that was taped on June 30. In it, the toe-sucking former Clinton administration advisor goes into graphic detail on how terrorists could bring down the Brooklyn Bridge and what the NYPD has done to stop it. To his credit, we can now understand what the big deal is […]

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The Cheops Award: Cast Your Vote

No one today knows how long it took to build the Great Pyramid of Cheops, though it has been estimated to have been at least thirty years. My earlier post on the persistence of scaffolding, and the number of long-term construction or renovation projects underway in the Heights, brought Cheops to mind. So, I’ve decided […]

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Pooch Poo Showdown on Cranberry

BHB snapped this photo of a sign on Cranberry Street between Hicks and Henry on Sunday afternoon. Seems that a “tall blonde young man” has at least one resident miffed as he’s allegedly not cleaning up after his two pooches – a “peke mix and one lhasa mix” according to the angry neighbor.

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Voice: Loon Sabotaging Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path

The Village Voice published a report today claiming that someone is harassing bicyclists by sprinkling staples along the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge bikepaths.  The staples stick to the tires and eventually puncture them.  The problem has been going on for “a few weeks” the paper says. 

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Free Condom Friday!

It’s happening between now and 2:30pm at Borough Hall, thanks to Trojans. To get the free jimmyhats, folks must sign a pledge (like this fine gentleman) to USE A CONDOM EVERYTIME THEY HAVE SEX. And from the episode of Maury we watched this morning, that’s a very good idea.

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La Dolce Doggie Or Isn’t That Really Dangerous?

A BHB tipster sends in this photo and observation: There’s a nabe dog walker who consistently puts her charges in danger by “walking” the dogs while she rides on her Vespa scooter. Here’s a photo snapped this morning.

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Breaking News: 100 Clark Condemned

Update: Crews are working right now (1:34pm Sunday) on removing the top two floors of 100 Clark Street. The building was recently named by the BHA as one of several neglected buildings in Brooklyn Heights in danger of “demolition via dereliction.” More photos after the jump:

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