Pooch Poo Showdown on Cranberry

BHB snapped this photo of a sign on Cranberry Street between Hicks and Henry on Sunday afternoon. Seems that a “tall blonde young man” has at least one resident miffed as he’s allegedly not cleaning up after his two pooches – a “peke mix and one lhasa mix” according to the angry neighbor. The irony of the entire scenario is that the “scene of the crime” (if you will) is directly under a Koch-era pooper scooper sign:

And now ladies and gentlemen, the legendary consumer advocate Fran Lee and the greatest anchorman to ever walk Planet Earth Roger Grimsby discuss the pooper scooper:

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  • Made In Brooklyn

    There is also someone who has been not picking behind their dog on Willow Street (between Pierpont and Clark) for years on end now… Be warned, negligent neighbor: I have vowed to make you put it in your pockets when I finally catch you (my lady friend talked me out of making you eat it)… Smiles!!!

  • Very concerned

    It’s a shame that a tall blonde man has taken to crapping on the street.
    I thought gentrification was supposed to solve these problems.

  • Free Tibet

    gentrification is why he’s *blonde.*

  • nabeguy

    Not the tall blonde man with one red shih tzu, is it?

  • Publius

    With cell phone cameras and blogs we’re nearing the Panoptic Society.

  • bibi

    Honestly folks, “blonde” refers to a woman or girl.
    A man is “blond”
    n’est-ce pas?

  • Homer Fink

    AP Style Books for everybody!!!

  • Publius

    With cell phone cams and nabe blogs, we’ve truly become (for better or worse) the Panoptic Society. Jeremy Bentham called it two centuries ago.

  • John

    Just a side note- i have a dog and clean up after it every single time. However, some people feel the need to tell me that the dog should not be doing his business in the tree wells (ones without planted flowers). Does anyone else have a problem with this?

  • brooklynite

    I’m tired of people letting there dogs run free and urinate/deficate where I have seen children play in Palmetto Park (the one at the end of State St. and Columbia). Not only is it clearly labeled that no dogs are allowed in that park, but there is also a Dog run adjacent to that park. I have seen dog owners let their dogs use the children’s playground as a toilet and then proceed to go to the dog run to let them run around. Extremely inconsiderate and selfish.

  • spm

    As a dog owner, I agree with Brooklynite – obey the rules everyone and that includes picking up after your dog. I’ve noticed particularly near scaffolding on Pierrepont, Montague and elsewhere poop seems to be left – really people, do you think the scaffolding hides it? No excuses!

  • Teddy

    Quite a few selfish people have moved into the area in recent years. I have to watch every step I take and it’s not just because of broken/uneven sidewalks. I believe most dog owners clean up, but as you know it only takes a few “bad apples”.

  • bibi

    In Saudi Arabia they do not allow dogs anywhere near the cities. I think they are banned in Iceland too.
    So there are plenty of places to go if you hate dogs.
    But in Brooklyn Heights, I have to put up with your children and you have to put up with my dog.

  • Heights

    bibi – The dogs aren’t the problem. It’s the owners who can’t follow the law and pick up after their pets. I love dogs, but I don’t think I should have to watch out for their feces because owners can’t take the minute required to pick it up. That’s the price of being a dog owner.

  • nabeguy

    I love dogs Bibi, but they’re just doing what nature commands them to do. It’s their idiot lawbreaking owners that infuriate me. Like Teddy, I’m tired of having to look out for and step around the “bad apples” left behind by incosiderate people. To John’s question, yes, I have a problem with dogs urinating in my tree beds and on my hedges. That’s not rose water coming out of your pet, it’s uric acid, which kills plants and stinks besides. Whatever happend to “curbing” your dog? And by the way Bibi,when’s the last time a neighborhood child took a dump on your property?

  • Sal Minella

    …..or bit you and peed on your leg

  • fu

    no one’s kids are pissing in the middle of the street where everyone has to see it and smell it.

    death to dogs.

  • JAM

    John – I have a dog and so am not one of the other psychotic people (above) on this blog that even a dog wouldn’t love. In my opinion you are wrong…curbing your dog is the law – the curb is not the tree pit, not the sidewalk not any part of someone’s brownstone, not their car, not their vespa, nada…..it’s the curb – meaning the street. Curb your dog and you won’t have any problems.

  • hoppy

    Imagine what would happen if these people started walking their dogs in the Brooklyn Bridge bike lane….

  • Benny

    When you get your ugly Hybrids and fat ass SUVs out of the street I’ll curb my dog. Until then you’ll have to have his piss on your precious tree. Don’t like it? Move to the country.

  • bibi

    Yay Benny!

    You said it. My dog didn’t get the memo that he has to pee in the street. What should I do? Beat the heck out of him? He doesn’t like the street. Female dogs like the street, male dogs like trees, and the ocasional SUV. That’s the way dogs are. They don’t really have a lot of respect for the City Council.
    Again, if you do not like dog pee-pee on the sidewalk or dogs sniffing your tires, move to Saudi Arabia.

  • CJP

    Folks… I’m just a little concerned about the racial/height/and ageist tone that this debate is taking on. How dare you identify the alleged perpetrator as a “tall blond (e) young man.”

    Seems a bunch of closet racists/heightist/ageists are willing to identify this individual as tall (offensive to little people) blond (what are they getting at with that, with or without the extra ‘e’) and ‘young’ which is a highly subjective term.

  • bornhere

    Before my doggie went to doggie heaven (you believe what you want, I’ll believe what I want), I really tried to have him avoid peeing on trees (people yelling at me was getting old), buildings (people yelling at me was getting old), cars (people yelling at me was getting old), and garbage bags at the curb (people yelling at me was getting old). I gave some thought to trying to figure out how to teach him to pee freestyle, but he seemed very target oriented. People need to relax a bit. It’ll all be okay. And it’s too bad that anybody would think in terms of having to “put up with” kids and dogs. Kids and dogs are two of the good things, no?

  • bibi

    yes you are right, children and dogs are two of the good things. it’s just that chidren get into everything and are so dirty…. but I am getting used to them, really, I’m trying my best.

  • CJP

    BornHere you’re right. I used to think that New York City was a terrible place for kids and dogs. I had a kid and think it’s an amazing place to raise a kid. So much to do and see, so much stimulaton and so many friends, casual, genuine and yet-to-be made.

    Same applies to dogs, providing they have loving owners/parents/companions who are willing to exercise them and give them the time they rightfully deserve to thrive.

  • bornhere

    Hurray! I suddenly want us all to meet for pancakes :)
    (And let’s bring the kids. And the dogs!) This is so neat!

  • No One Of Consequence

    Dog owners, how many of you have your dog licensed in the City of New York?
    It’s only $8.50/year ($11.50 non-spayed/non-neutered).

    I once read an interesting idea that as part of the licensing process, a DNA sample of the dog is collected and its “identity” stored.
    Then, when dog poop is found on the sidewalk un-scooped, a sample can be taken, analyzed and matched with a proper fine issued to the owner. The revenues from the fines would be used to pay the cost of the DNA sampling/matching, etc.

    Regarding curbing your dog:
    New York City Health Code §3.11 and §161.03 prohibit creating or allowing nuisance conditions to exist.

    It’s subjective, but my opinion would be that it’s a nuisance to allow your animal to do it’s business on someone else’s property.

  • bibi

    no one of consequence,
    you are are also no one with a brain. when my dog pees in your parlor, then you can complain that he is doing something bad on your property, but the sidewalks are public property, the tree in front of your brownstone does not belong to you, hard to believe, I know, but there it is, you old curmudgeon.

  • No One Of Consequence

    bibi, dog licensed or not?

    You said, “and the ocasional SUV”

    nabeguy said, “dogs urinating in my tree beds and on my hedges”… perhaps the tree beds aren’t his, but the hedges would most likely be.

    Here’s what I still don’t get. The sidewalks are public, as you say, so they also belong to you. So you let your dog soil it, and walk around on it where other dogs have left their marks thousands of times. Then you bring it into your home. Do you let it up on your furniture or in your bed?

    The name calling is a nice added touch, too. Really adds to your profile. Thanks.

  • http://franceskuffel.net frances

    Hilarious comments! Just who is going to be sampling the poop?

    But good for the person who posted the sign — leaving poop is reprehensible. I also wish that people who bag the poo & then leave the bag would finish the job.

    As to curbing…some dogs curb naturally & some don’t. It’s hard to stop a dog in mid-leak & nearly impossible in mid-poop. & males lift their legs, usually on spots that have accumulated enough pee to merit re-marking. Those spots are irresistible!

    Want to protect your trees? Get those watering bags or put up a taller rail. Some clever person has even put plexiglass around their impatiens.

    & the fact is, having watched some manly dogs whizz mightily, it usually falls short of the plants themselves IF there’s any kind of barrier.

    Can we now discuss rat poop & pigeon poop & human poop???