Breaking News: Busted Chef

BHB has learned that Dan Kaufman, aka Chef Dan, of Busy Chef was arrested a 9am today. Charges against Kaufman include Grand Larceny, Attempted Grand Larceny, Possession of a Forged Instrument and Criminal Impersonation according to the Brooklyn Criminal Court. He will be arraigned this evening.

No word on whether this is related to credit card fraud alleged recently by some BHB commenters.

UPDATE: The NY Post is the first with the story on Dan Kaufman:

The manager of high-end ice cream shop Blue Pig and adjacent eateries catering to Brooklyn Heights parents and hipsters was busted for double-dipping on customers’ credit cards, allegedly pocketing $25,000 in stolen cash, law-enforcement sources said.

We were expecting something like this to happen. And this choice quote:

“He has certainly made an effort to be part of the community, and be supportive of causes,” said Brooklyn Heights Association executive director Judy Stanton. “I am really surprised.”

Really, Judy. Perhaps you should visit our blog more often.

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  • Qfwfq

    Hey Homer, may we now talk about what a shady character he was, how this seems to allegedly confirm a pattern he seems to have established starting in Boston, and continuing into Vermont, and how he seems to have had at least one accomplice to fool potential employers/investors? We can leave out the personal details.

  • LD

    That would explain why Busy Chef on Court St was closed when I walked by this evening, on my way home. Marginal food, mediocre coffee and abysmal service were the only crimes I thought they were ever guilty of. I guess I was wrong!

  • D.S. Gruntled

    I noticed an eronious $500 dollar charge on my debit card from Busy Chef two weeks ago..and I subsequently cancelled my card and started a fraud investigation with my bank. Hmmm, intersting.

  • landoooo

    I too had a $400 charge a couple weeks ago at Busy Chef that I challenged through my bank. I never even ate there, just at Oven. Good to know that they’re going to have a tough time proving that the charge wasn’t fraudulent.

  • Just a Neighbor

    Listen guys, I know many on this site have their snarky comments about Dan, but let’s please remember that there are a lot of great people who work at these establishments and we should support them, not judge them by the actions of one person.

    I for one will continue to patronize Wine Bar, etc. Those folks are working to make a living there and shouldn’t be held responsible by one person.

  • No One Of Consequence
  • burned chef

    Glad to see that this is going to be resolved … I, for one, had charges on my debit card that weren’t mine (and were eventually waived by Citibank) the day after I used that same card at Busy Chef. Sad that one person can wreak such havoc – and what a shame his employees will all suffer when he has to close the businesses to pay his Attorney fees.

  • yo

    so what do we want to go in the soon to be vacant spaces?

  • No One Of Consequence

    Parole Office? Sounds like Dan will need one.

  • Homer Fink

    We visited the Wine Bar last night. It’s a really nice place and well put together. We encourage our neighbors to visit soon!

  • ak

    I too was robbed of over $1500, and was lied to, to my face, by the employees who work at busy chef, as well by “Dan” over the phone, when i confronted them about it. Luckily, my bank took care of the losses, at an expense I am sure we are all paying for. Our neighborhood does not need this trash.

  • beth

    uggggggggggh this is so disappointing.

  • Chris

    How on earth did he think he was going to get away with this. Must have been stupid or desparate…

  • 10596g

    I’m ashamed to say I used to be friends with this d*****bag. Once at my apartment, while I left my room for a minute, he stole $30 out of my wallet and denied it to my face.
    I should have known he was bad news from there…
    Glad to see someone finally called him out on all the crap he pulls. I really feel for everyone he stole from and frauded.

  • Qfwfq

    You know, if you have any stories to tell, you can send them in to BHB

  • Eric

    Wow, two long time BHB topic threads (fraudulent CC charges in BH, and what a dickhead the COC manger is) converging! Totally sweet.

    Its been stated (or at least insinuated) on these blogs that the COC stores change face so often as a means of laundering money. Wonder if that will turn out to be true as well…

  • Andrew Porter

    Just curious — did any of those who were ripped off report this stuff to the 84th Precinct?

  • GHB

    I hope that after Kaufman becomes somebody’s bitch in the big house, he can’t sit down for weeks! Totally deserves everything he gets!

  • nabeguy

    Dan can at least look at the bright side of things….the food in prison is surely better than what he’s been shoveling out at Busy Chef. Hey Dan, do you want your soap in a cone or a cup?

  • landoooo


    I’m not sure what the bank did with my information. I reported it before I paid that month’s bill, the account was credited the next day and I haven’t heard anything since. I imagine the banks have a mechanism that noticed the multiple fraudulent charges, leading to the criminal investigation.

  • Sam

    Just how imagine how much he could have stolen if he ran stores and restaurants that people actually went to!

  • Jazz

    What would Chris Rock say?

  • No One Of Consequence

    The article in the Brooklyn Paper is indicating that an employee caught him in the act and then began to secretly collect evidence which led to his arrest.

  • A

    It’s my understanding that the investigation is ongoing and that there may be more people involved. I’m pretty sure that it’s the NYPD’s Identity Theft Squad that is handling the case and not the 84th Pct. If you’re a victim you should definately give them a call to let them know.

  • Same as Boston

    Dan did the same thing in Boston at his restaurant “South Kitchen and Wine Bar”. He just never got caught. There was a thread on Shameless Restaurants-Boston about him. It is gone now though. He lied to and stole from a lot of people in Boston.

  • lgnyc

    So when is someone going to break the story that the “homemade by the Blue Pig” ice cream has Blue Bunny and Breyers on the label.

  • what a mess

    The only person that suffers now is his daughter

  • disgustedbydk

    He stole money from my wallet too! I can’t believe I was friends with this loser! I KNEW he was a liar….I can’t say I’m surprised by any of this. The saddest part is that I think he really believed every lie he ever told…and probaby didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. Once when I was in his apartment I saw a HUGE roll of cash….I thought it was odd…probably should have questioned him about that one. LOSER!

  • murphy
  • realdealVT

    Nobody need worry about his daughter …She has a great Mother and Father; Kaufman is just a sperm donor.. Foff Kaufman