Eagle: Oven, Busy Chef, Blug Pig Done

The Brooklyn Eagle breaks the news that four of the five restaurants managed by Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman have been closed permanently.  Oven, Busy Chef and Blue Pig on Henry Street and the Busy Chef outlet on Court have all shut down.

Brooklyn Eagle: Henry Street Busy Chef…: Kaufman, who allegedly used customers’ credit cards to obtain $25,000 in stolen cash, was arraigned on July 17, the day before another store under his management, a Busy Chef on Court Street, closed. At that time, employees stated that the Henry Street location would remain open, but as of yesterday, an employee said that all three businesses were now permanently shuttered.

The grand jury continues to meet this week to decide on possible credit card fraud related indictments against Kaufman.

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  • Peter

    I really hope the Wine Bar sticks around, I think that place was a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • thewash

    I know the Blue Pig (at least) was open as recently as last night.

  • Hank75

    sheesh, now the score is Pet Stores 4 – Ice Cream 0

  • yo

    how about a bar – we need more drinking options like henry st. ale house

  • Curmudgeon

    How about a bank or a real estate? We don’t have them yet in the north Heights?

    A supermarket would be nice.

  • yo

    would be a very small supermarket in the blue pig space

  • ROTC

    how about a store that sells IKEA-style furniture for pets? sure, the pets might have a hard time assembling the furniture, but so do humans. it would really be a learning experience for them, and IKEA is quite affordable. I’m sure the furniture could be even less expensive if it were pet-sized?

  • LOL

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • yo

    dare I say it – how about a fish store?

  • yo

    In all seriousness, what about a gourmet bakery / gift shop?

  • Beavis

    Bring back Club Wildfire!!!

  • my2cents

    i feel bad for the folks who worked at those places, but I couldn’t be happier if we are rid of those establishments. The wine bar has been a nice addition to the block for sure, and I hope it sticks around. I hope that whatever opens up on the “cursed corner” will not be owned by those same people who have been foisting this blandness on us (here’s an idea…rent to different proprietors instead of renting 4 spots to one company!), and will instead have some style, taste, originality, quality, and value for the area! Another bar would be great, actually. A place that actually serves old timey cocktails or something in a sophisticated but cool atmosphere would be awesome.
    PS I loved the comment about the IKEA style pet furniture. You read my mind! But if it could be a baby store too that would be the bees knees. I have to go all the way to the Slope to get a replacement wheel for my Bugaboo.

  • AB

    OK: let’s have a destination SOMETHING.

    Something sufficiently notable–even if only a superlative hot dog-eria–that would win the hearts (and minds) of locals AND bring others into the nabe.

    BH desperately needs to be hotted-up; and one hot place will attract another.

    We won’t lose our serenity; that’s in the area’s DNA…but we will gain a sense of neighborhood HAPPENING, desperately needed, IMO.

  • Senor Salsa

    Quality Mexican Food!!! Oh please, please, please…?

    All of those spaces are perfect for an inventive Mexican Food small sit-down/take-out restaurant similar to MEXICANNA MAMA or the ‘old’ MEXICAN RADIO.

    The immediate neighborhood needs something in this category and it seems like a profitable business model (cheap food, high volume).

    Would somebody please make that happen. Thanks!

  • S

    Wow Señor Salsa read my mind about the Mexican. As soon as I got to AB’s post I was thinking Mexican… and there it was. I wanted Mexican the other night but Hecho en Dumbo was having a musical guest (I live outside of their delivery range) and my friend suggested Mexicali or Mezcal or whichever is the slightly less dreadful of the two (the one on Court, not the one on Atlantic)… I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I thought about trying Alma for the first time but wasn’t in the mood to walk that far in the heat, then thought maybe some Bogota would suffice until I realized the R wasn’t running… I gave up.

    aaaand now I find myself craving tequila.

  • North Heights

    Alma is terrific…I think that corner could definitely support a restaurant along those lines, if the quality was there. Basically take it back to the concept of Isobel, but with better execution. They had a really nice looking bar, too bad it was gutted. The only curse to the corner is that it has seemed to attract restauranteurs who, at best, never quite hit on the right mix, and at worst, buffoons like DK.

    Alternatively, I would like a genuine homemade ice cream place to take over the Blue Pig spot. Another type of place that could rake in the dough if they did it right. Take a look at the ice cream shop by the ferry landing – lines snaking out the door. Henry Street might not have quite the traffic, but it’s close, with people coming off the bridge and the A train going down Cranberry to the promenade. Blue Pig started off nicely, if a little eccentric, but DK ruined it by trying to save a few bucks when he ditched the homemade.

  • No One Of Consequence

    The ice cream shop down by the pier would have lines snaking out the door even if they sold generic ice cream with no natural ingredients.
    Location, location, location.

  • Biff Champion

    Back to the store that sells IKEA-style furniture for pets. Would there be little doggie shuttles doing the doing the Hicks, Cranberry, Henry, Atlantic loop?

  • HDEB

    How about a clothing store with immaculate service, fine clothes and high prices? Something along the lines of Edward Archer.

  • Cranky

    Mexican! Nothing frou frou either, just a good basic neighborhood Mexican.

  • yo
  • nazimova

    bring back SU SU’s the best bar in the heights !! both Daisy and Su are gone now but “those were the days..

  • Monty

    Ditto on Mexican food for the nabe. A second location for Pacifico (at Pacific and Smith) would be absolutely perfect. That place has great, authentic food, decent prices and walks a fine line between being family-friendly and a great margarita-fueled party spot.

  • ugh

    does anyone realize that this group of “restauranteurs” probably still have leases on these spaces? so what could be in store for us next?

  • Peter

    I hope he rots !!!

  • joe

    Pacifico is not so good. If anyone remembers wasn’t their some kind of california burrito place on henry 6 years ago. The food was medicore but it was a different place to eat. i actually liked the barbecue place called pig’n out but found it weird that half of their roasted chicken was more expensive than Bouley bakery’s whole free range chicken.

  • Zeekers

    I vote for another bar, something hipper. Let’s get a bit of Smith Street on Henry!

    That wine bar sucked, the food was crap. The busy chef food sucked too.

  • hoppy

    It’d be great if these places had a “fire sale” like Magnetic Field. I’d love to get a deal on a set of those silver-rimmed Chimay chalices from Oven. (And how much for the pig???)

  • amy

    The neighborhood needs a decent grocery store!! Not another mediocre restaurant. Does anyone else wonder why such a wealthy neighborhood doesn’t have a decent grocery store? At least my arms have been getting a workout after carrying heavy grocery bags from Key Foods or Garden of Eden on Montague Street.

  • joe

    ^^ (And how much for the pig???)

    LOL. planning on redecorating?

    I want a gastro-pub with outside seating or a place like almondine with freshly baked goods and lunch items. I can’t keep schlepping to dumbo especailly when since he sells out of every sandwich (except for the salmon) by 1:00.