P.S. 8 Annex Good to Go

New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein announced today that a classroom annex will be built on playground space at P.S. 8:

Brooklyn Eagle: P.S. 8 to Get New Building: Tuesday morning, even as the playground was being cleared for the installation of a portable classroom, Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein announced at a press conference that the Department of Education (DOE) would build a school annex in the parking lot next to the main building.

The School Construction Authority, which will oversee the project, will scope out the work and design the annex this year, then seek bids for the school’s construction. DOE expects the building to be ready by September 2011.

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  • nabeguy

    Good news: trailers are going in on 8/8 Bad news: they’re hoisting them in by crane in the middle of the night and have requested access to my property to position the crane, which might result in some “damage” to my sidewalk, according to the Project Support Manager. She was quick to point out that any and all damage would be repaired free of charge, but I’m left with a “hhhhhmmmmm, let me think” feeling. On the one hand, free (and overdue) repair of my sidewalk. On the other, a protracted battle trying to get them to live up to their word in a timely fashion. What d’yall think?

  • Beavis

    Get it in writing.

  • nabeguy

    Good idea. I’ll have them etch it in cement.