Busted Chef Case Still Going

Dan “Busted Chef” Kaufman’s next day in court will be December 26, 2008 as determined at his last court appearance on October 15, according to Kings County Criminal Court records.  Contrary to erroneous reports on the Internets, no decision or plea have been recorded.

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  • wants to know

    Does anyone know what has happened with the case against Dan Kaufman? His latest court appearance on 12/26 has not been updated anywhere and I am curious as to where he stands.

  • cummintogetya

    If we can locate Kaufman he will be back in Massachusetts
    looking at several charges of Forgery, Embesslement, Fraud, Fraud by Deception, Larsony, Grand Larsony, Tax Fraud, Theft by Deception, Failure to pay Wages, Unjust Enrichment by Forgery, Idenity Theft, Theft of Services, Interstate wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Conspiring to Obtain loaned funds by Fraud & Deception, Falsifing Assets Fraud by Deception…..
    Any help in locating Kaufman will result in a reward….