The Brooklyn Paper Condemns Yassky

In a sign that the anger directed at David Yassky goes beyond the readers of the BHB, The Brooklyn Paper recently published a scathing editorial entitled: “Yassky’s integrity terminated.  The editorial goes on to assert that – “Mayor Bloomberg and a majority of the Council subverted the voters’ will in a reprehensible, undemocratic, rushed, back-room manner.”

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  • nicky 215

    the Brooklyn paper is right Yassky is an opportunist machine and should be rejected by the voters

  • David on Middagh

    Term limits have their pluses. I wouldn’t mind our State representatives being term-limited. I actually don’t blame Mr. Yassky for voting in his interest, probably because I would be content to see a third term for Mr. Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg is not one to put his head in the sand when financial disaster looms.

    Twelve years seems a better maximum than eight anyway.

  • Yassky Nein

    Remind me why I should bother to vote next time there’s a ballot initiative about anything?