Rabbi Raskin Has Advice for Leaders

Congregation B’nai Avraham is bursting with literary talent.  First, Rabbi Simcha Weinstein unleashed his Up Up and Oy Vey in 2006 and his upcoming Schtick Shift and now Rabbi Aaron Raskin has teamed up with management consultant Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel in writing The Rabbi and the CEO: The Ten Commandments of 21st Century Leaders.

The Brooklyn Eagle: The Rabbi and the CEO is accessible to Jews and non-Jews alike, enabling them to “be themselves, take charge, and fulfill their highest aspirations.” Didactic, yet not imposing, it offers relatable anecdotes from both the Torah and current events on how to better one’s self, improve personal as well as professional relationships, and reach one’s full potential.

Says Zweifel of its relevance, “In this time of election and financial crisis, people are yearning for an orientation that is beyond crisis management in the financial sector. The real source of our [national] crisis is a lack of an ethical framework. The only way out, in my view, in a sustainable way, is for us to have a framework where people actually know where they need to go, how they should lead, and how they should do business.”

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  • Topham Beauclerk

    Ah, another Elmer Gantry speaking banalities as though they were revelations.