Candy Factory Reconstruction Underway

Although no work was in evidence when this photo was taken (about 2:00 this afternoon), there was scaffolding up announcing new apartments to come.
A look through a construction fence viewing hole revealed a pile of rubble, surmounted by a shiny silver VW convertible, where once there was a garden, and soon there promises to be a building.

Update: BHB Reader Randi sends these additional photos:

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  • AB

    Fingers crossed that PEAKS MASON MINTS, the uppermost building tag, now gloriously faded, will remain in place as is.

    Anyone have any news on this?

  • Zeekers

    Not sure, but if they have any sense they’ll keep the sign… I rent across the street and am praying I can get a 1 bedroom in the new building for under 1 million.