Open Thread Wednesday 7/9/08

Flickr photo by joshderr

Another Wednesday, another OTW to speak your mind.  What’s going on?!  Comment away!

BHB Photo Club pic by joshderr via Flickr

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  • Claude Scales

    Great shot of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church under storm clouds — appropriate given the congregation’s stormy history.

  • Jo

    Not sure if anyone really cares, but Gossip Girl is filming on Clark today between Henry and Hicks. The signs said 7 AM to 11 PM.

    Didn’t notice any signs yesterday morning, but came home in the afternoon to see the signs stating that anyone who didn’t move their cars by 8 PM Tuesday night would be towed. Sure enough, NYPD tow trucks were there at 8:15 PM. I for one would be mighty upset if my car were towed since it appears the signs only went up hours before the towing began.

  • beth

    I thought I smelled smoke when I got off the subway at High Street last night. Was it in my mind? Last time I had that experience Gristede’s was burning…

  • esme

    Tell more about St. Ann’s history, please … I tried going to church there one Sunday and found it sadly depopulated.

  • BKBS

    The 4th of July parking restrictions were similarly posted at the last minute–maybe the day before? Given that people can park their cars and not visit them again for days, it seems to fly in the face of urban parking logic to not get the signs posted on the cleaning day for that street.

    But that would entail a level of organization and citizen consideration that is unrealistic…

  • jj

    New 66,000 sf federal parole office moving to pierrepont and Clinton street. Anyone know anything about this? This will be between the upper and lower buildings of Saint Anns school.

  • Peter

    I think the waterfalls are unimpressive !
    just my opinion ! what do others think?

  • Claude Scales

    Esme: I keep trying to reply to your question, but every few minutes my screen flashes off for a second and my comment gets erased. You can read about the history of the building and its magnificent organ here. I’m going to post this now, before the gremlin strikes again, and continue on another comment.

  • Claude Scales

    Part 2 of reply to Esme: the article to which I linked mentions a divided congregation having led to the Bishop’s decision to close the church in 1959. What divided the congregation was a rector named Mellish who advocated friendship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, which was an unpopular position in the 1950s. The church evidently remained vacant for about ten years, until the congregation of St. Ann’s decided to vacate their deteriorating building (now fixed up and part of Packer Collegiate Institute) and move into the old Holy Trinity sanctuary, which occasioned changing the name to St. Ann and the Holy Trinity.

  • Brendan

    Peter, I couldn’t agree more. Bo-ring!! Wish the artist behind them could have done something cool, like that sun-thingy he made for an exhibit at the Tate Modern in London. All we got was a dull jumble of scaffolding.

  • WaterBoy

    Claude— That same thing happened to me the other night as I was penning my initial missive about Key Food…

  • Claude Scales

    WaterBoy: Thanks! I’m glad to know the gremlin isn’t in my machine.

  • joe

    Tonight one of the falls was turned off. As much as we think it looks unimpressive when its turned on it looks god awful when its turned off. Looks just like scaffolding.

    While I was walking on the promenade I noticed at least two people riding their bikes and one of them at full speed.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I’m often tempted to step just slightly into their path so they’ll hit me and wipe out.

  • Nelson

    Well, Joe, it is just scaffolding….we have it over all sidewalks and now Bloomberg has spent millions to place one in full view on the Promenade. He’s calling it ART. Maybe a water rat go caught in the initake line!