Coming Soon: Dimples Kids Spa

Coming soon to 91 Montague Street is Dimples Kids Spa.  Its website doesn’t offer much information about what DKS will offer.  Anyone have more info? (Note: the crack BHB Investigative Team aka BHBIT is on the case!)

UPDATE: Thanks to honorary BHBIT Member “Bongo” a cached version of the store’s future website is promising “hair, face and nail” services and packages.  As well as the passage:

Daria founded Dimples Kids Spa in October 2008 to give everyone the opportunity to create your own y for anything. Today z powers the largest number of z on the w.

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  • beth

    No idea, but I can tell you I have absolutely zero interest in it!

  • No One Of Consequence

    I really prefer not to curse in online posts (ok, it doesn’t seem to allow the post with a bad word in it), but this is eff’ed up – especially after reading Gothamist article.

  • moscowman

    what makes this worse than all the other worthless retail stores and restaurants on Montague (too many to name but I must call out the most recent crappy addition of Spicy Pickle), is now in making a beeline to henry or smith street to get a decent bite to eat you must contend with higher levels of stroller traffic. weeeee!

  • AEB

    More fertilization/commodification of the child.

    The thing that Montague lacks are spots where ADULTS can spend their dough on things that have merit.

    When a thrift shop is the most interesting place on a big commercial street, you KNOW something’s amiss.

  • AEB

    Ooooops! That should be “fetishization,” above.

    Heavens! Good thing my unconscious mind doesn’t exist!

  • AliG

    Well, at least all the rug rats will be in one central location spreading their germs.

  • nabeguy

    Holy fanoli! Ersatz anime…virgin bikini waxing…spas for tots…Forget worrying about the Heights folks, this is the harbinger of the downfall of Western civilization.

  • ABC

    There’s something about the clearly thought-out branding of this place that makes me suspect they have Pinkberry-ish ambitions. And considering all the pre-tweens I see getting manicures, I suspect they’re on to something.

    Related: The end is nigh for the American Empire.

  • yo

    i don’t mean to be the voice of reason here, but shouldn’t we at least hear what it is that they ACTUALLY intend to do there before trashing this place?

  • R

    As soon as I saw the headline for this in my RSS reader I couldn’t wait to read the comments.

    Maybe it is a sign that I’m like…out of touch, but…ew. This is one business I actually hope fails.

  • cv

    I believe that it is a clothing store for children.

  • AEB

    No, yo, I think we should should trash the place first, then not even BOTHER to find out what they do.

    Which I’m sure is unspeakable, involving, as it must, pastels.

  • Bongo

    Ah, Google cache. So sophisticated it can see the future, or placeholder text depending on your point of view.
    About Us: Daria founded Dimples Kids Spa in October 2008 to give everyone the opportunity to create your own y for anything. Today z powers the largest number of z on the w.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Their under construction website only lists About, Services and Contact. No indication of products.
    Plus the About page shows a little girl getting blush applied by a little faerie.
    Maybe you believe in the Easter Bunny, too? :)

  • my2cents

    This is definitely more than a clothing store. Under “services” they have a comb and makeup brush icon. Clearly there is going to be some pampering going on.

    I actually admire the nice graphics and clean website design. I just wish it were in the service of something useful, like a Pet Spa.

  • Montague Streeter

    This is what the oracle reveals:

    Regular Haircut
    Dimples Haircut
    Bangs Trim
    First Haircut Package
    Single Braid
    French braid
    Whole head braiding
    Evening Style
    Flat Iron or Curling

    Regular Manicure
    Dimples Manicure
    Nail Art
    Polish Change
    Regular Pedicure
    Dimples Pedicure
    Baby Manicure-Pedicure

    There is never any cutting, trimming or filing of nails during manicure or pedicure services. This is purely a “decorative” manicure/pedicure service.

    Chocolate Facial
    Strawberry Honey Facial
    Cherry honey facial
    Airbrush tattoos
    Face gems
    Face paint

    Shampoo, conditioner, haircut, style, make-up, your own princess crown
    Chocolate silk bath bubbles, massage, polish, chocolate hand cream, bracelet, 1 nail art)

  • AEB

    No, no, no! No more spas! No, never–for humans or animals!


    How about…a BOOK STORE? A good one? Or a place with sharp clothes? A great antique store (are they still called that?). Or–I’ll mention this on the inhaled breath ONLY–a great restaurant?

  • Norman E-mailer

    A dive bar, a dive bar, my kingdom for a dive bar!

    “shouldn’t we at least hear what it is that they ACTUALLY intend to do there before trashing this place?”


  • AEB

    …I’d even prefer a tattoo parlour, just to give the street’s banal, mid-cult propriety a poke….

  • Otaku

    Or a manga cafe.

  • nabeguy

    AEB, no need to go all spa-stic on the subject. If this is the only kind of new business that Montague Street and the nabe will support, then you might as well let go of that inhaled breath, cuz we ain’t gonna see anything good for a while.

  • my2cents

    Are we living in Nassau county all of a sudden?

  • my2cents

    Baby Manicure/Pedicure are not words that should ever be uttered in the same sentence.

  • Chris

    I give up on the Heights. Nice looking neighborhood. Not a damn thing to do. And it just keeps getting worse

    “Daria founded Dimples Kids Spa in October 2008″

    She founded it in the future?! Witch! Burn her! Well if it hasn’t been founded yet, I guess that means it doesn’t exist, so that’s a plus.

    “to give everyone the opportunity to create your own y for anything. Today z powers the largest number of z on the w.”

    Uhhh…… what?

    BTW to the above poster. Nassau is much better then the Heights. They have good restaurants there. They even have bars.

  • senor salsa

    I would check out the spa…if they had a Burrittoville Express at the back counter…(sigh).

  • AEB

    Chris, above, here’s what I do in BH most Saturday nights: I make my way into the St. George lobby-arcade, buy a Diet Coke, and take in the sights….

    the shoe-shine place with archaic sign (prices neatly PAINTED out);

    the beauty parlor–no further description required;

    the ever-closed, never-opened Chess Cafe;

    the MTA token booth with its timely grease-pencil-on-white-vinyl-board notices;


    I enter on Henry and exit on Clark, then walk back to Henry and do it again.

    And again.

    And people say there’s nothing to do in the Heights!

  • Chris

    St. George has a lobby arcade?! Sweet. That place has changed a lot since I was in there. Some great memories in that place before it got regulated.

  • hoppy

    Growing up with three sisters, I know young girls love to play “grownup”— putting on makeup, coloring nails, walking in mom’s heels etc., but all in pure fun. I think this place is just a business that’s looking to cater to such imagination, albeit for a big profit at mom’s/dad’s expense. There’s nothing to indicate that they will be doing any “peach fuzz” waxing or other weird stuff. I’m actually more disturbed by this item:

  • AliG

    AEB, you should start charging for tours on Saturday night. HYSTERICAL

  • kidless in BH

    Ugh, in general I like our ‘hood but this definitely reminds me of everything I hate about it – ubiquitous oversized strollers with entitled moms pushing them aggressively into people, Wall St wives with nothing to do all day but go to coffee shops and talk about their 2nd and 3rd and 4th homes and how much they are paying in private school tuition. Now I’m upset that I just put money into renovating my apt because now I want to move again.