Pop Up Park Makes People Happy

rsguskind photo via flickr

In today’s New York Post, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy President Mariana Koval says that Brooklyn Bridge Park will be “to the 21st Century what Central Park was to the city in the 19th Century.”  Everyone seems really jazzed about the glimpse we’re getting of the BBP of the future this summer via the “Pop Up Park” on Pier 1.

Even Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund prexy Judi Francis is tickled (just a tad, come on do you think the BBP will ever be one big feel good story?) and tells the paper, “We are pleased as punch with the interim uses, but the first construction of the park is being done along the piers where the housing will be built, while the work being held up is at the real recreation piers.”

New Brooklyn Park a Hit [NY Post]

Photo: rsguskind via Flickr

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  • http://deleted buddy

    Isn’t it just a little ironic that the Conservancy is the cheerleader for housing as the sole revenue generator for this “park” and they were the first to nix the idea of drinks out on the piers as a park revenue generator ? Lo and behold, the Conservancy is running a BAR in this pop up park…and pocketing all the money from this little bit of “park” with the bar . They are a complete bunch of phonies and hypocrites. Just wait til the housing is built – the Conservancy will be the first out there to bully people out of the park and god forbid they will allow drinking ( unless, of course, all the money goes to them). I say dunk the bastards!