Brooklyn Heights Gossip Girl Alert

bhb photo club pic by  clarknt67

Gossip Girl will be all up in the nabe today, reportedly filming at Packer and other spots.  This makes us happy because the show RULES and it gives us another chance to talk about Chuck Bass.  Y’know he’s the greatest TV character since Frank Burns on M*A*S*H:

Parking Photo: Adventures in Brooklyn

Top photo by clarknt67 via BHB Photo Club

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  • clarknt67

    Yep, I live across the street from Packer’s backyard. Last night I returned with a friend from Ikea and alas, we could find no parking. I said, “I’m guessing it’s frickin’ Gossip Girl again.” Indeed. I uploaded a couple pics I took this morning to the BH flikr photo club, if anyone cares. (Truth be told, I just wanted to play with my new iPhone!!!)