New York Times Magazine Gives Kudos to BHB and Weegee

Brooklyn Heights Blog’s Weegee and the coverage of the recent suicide on Hicks Street are the focus of an article in the Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. The piece, written by nabe journo Virginia Heffernan, documents her quest to find out what all the police activity was about around 166 Hicks Street on August 5.

New York Times: Narrowcast News: That’s when I found weegee. This weegee — lowercase “w” to distinguish him from the famous street photographer of the 1930s and ’40s — is a poster and frequent commenter to a local site called Brooklyn Heights Blog. It turns out that he beat The Sun to many details of the Brooklyn-death story. Like the other Weegee, this guy is Johnny on the spot with crime, but he’s not as arrogant and elusive as the original. His name is Marc Hermann. He’s a news photographer.

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