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Homer’s guest on this week’s The Homer Fink Show (with Homer Fink) is legendary hoaxster Joey Skaggs.  Over the last 40 years he’s pulled off many notable culture jamming pranks – which the mainstream media reported as fact – including the Cathouse for Dogs,  the Celebrity Sperm Bank,  the Solomon Project and the Brooklyn Bridge Lottery.  Read more about him at  He’s also the publisher of Listen to the show here.

A&E profiled him in its documentary Scams Schemes and Scoundrels:

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  • Ethan

    Homer, show your face, dammit!

  • T.K. Small

    There used to be a very sinister looking photograph of Homer that appeared next to his column that he wrote for the newspaper last summer. Quite ominous and/or mysterious!

  • nabeguy

    It was his best Barrymore profile!

  • T.K. Small

    Great job this afternoon! Joey was a really good guest.