Court: Gristedes Screwed Employees on Pay

Somehow, we think that this might have something to do with the snail’s pace renovation of the Henry Street Gristedes store – The NY Times reports that a federal judge has ruled that the supermarket chain cheated lower level managers out of over-time pay.  Lawyers for the plaintiffs tell the paper they predict a settlement of up to $25 million dollars.

New York Times: Judge Rules…: Granting the workers summary judgment, Judge Crotty ruled that the supermarkets’ department heads and so-called co-managers were hourly employees who were entitled to overtime pay.

He rejected Gristede’s arguments that they were salaried executive workers who, under federal and state law, are generally exempt from receiving time-and-a-half pay for overtime.

Gristede’s maintained that it had been paying weekly salaries to the department heads and co-managers, the No. 3 managers in a store. But Judge Crotty found that they were not salaried because the company often deducted money from their paychecks when they missed part of a day.

In the meantime, the chain’s “valved customers” in Brooklyn Heights are still waiting for the fire damaged Henry Street store to reopen.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Snail’s pace? Nothing is happening. The space remains empty, with work lights strung but absolutely nothing happening.

    To speak about another eagerly awaited supermarket (as opposed to this site), what’s happening with Trader Joe’s?

  • AEB

    It’s been about six months since the fire.

    My last chat with the store’s manager, who now runs the Gristredes pharmacy, revealed that a fall reopening was anything but certain.

    But perhaps the ruling will speed things along. Fingers crossed–the trek to Key Food is, well, just that.

  • Alex

    Looks like Trader Joe’s is set for a late September opening. Haven’t seen anything new beyond that.

  • Grosstedes

    Please Lord do not let them come back.

    And the rude night shift butterball at Peas & Pickles’ gotta go too, Lord.


  • AEB

    No, Gross, let’s pray they DO return.

    With all its faults, Gristedes is a major neighborhood convenience to those of us in the north Heights.

    Ten pounds of cat litter, for example, gains in weight on the trip from Key Food on Montague to my place near Middagh.

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, AEB, have you priced kitty litter at the new place on Clark, or the older place on Pineapple Walk? I don’t have a kitty, just curious.

  • AEB

    No, Andrew. In fact, who knew from a new place on Clark…though it all comes back now: the new pet emporium.

    I’ll check it out–thanks! But my experience is that the stores devoted to animal care are usually outrageously overpriced in the cat food department, if they carry it at all.