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Secrets of Brooklyn Heights’ Key Food, Gristedes Revealed in Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter Anne Kadet recently moved to Brooklyn Heights, and has written a story about the supermrket scene. She likes Key Food on Montague Street, which is handy to her new digs–she even likes Gregory the Mannequin–but is put off by the high prices. She is even more dismayed by Gristede’s prices, which […]

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Brownstoner Comparison-Shops: How does Gristede’s measure up?

Another Trader Joe’s is headed to the area, so Brownstoner decided to take a look at prices at some of Brooklyn’s most popular grocery stores, including our very own Gristede’s: The produce section isn’t magnificent, but offers a decent selection of basic fruits and veggies. When Brownstoner visited on an early Sunday afternoon, the store […]

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Brooklyn Heights Man Has Had It With Henry Street Gristedes

Today, BHB was pinged by Twitter user Jeremy Greenfield. He’s fed up with the Henry Street (technically 101 Clark Street) Gristedes. Heck, who isn’t? What we’ve found over the years of cultivating a hate-on for the place is that the staff is dedicated and hard working but the ownership is perfectly content squeezing every possible […]

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John Catsimatidis Water Now Available at Brooklyn Heights Gristedes for 2 Bucks More than Other Locations

If there was any doubt in your mind that the Henry Street Gristedes had not worked hard to earn the nickname “Gougestedes”, we submit this for your consideration. Its owner/former GOP mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis had 1000 water bottles leftover from his 2013 campaign complete with his picture on them. Earlier this month, they went […]

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Brooklyn Heights Gristedes Over-Pricing… Literally

I didn’t notice this bit of hookey-doo from our pals at the Henry Street Gristedes until I got home. A package of blueberries once $3.99 became $4.99. Fool me once….

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Misprint or Business As Usual – Old Cheese at Gristedes

Don’t get us wrong, the *new* post-fire Gristedes is a magical place to shop. Sure they may be a little pricey but its air conditioning makes our weekly marketing a breeze!

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Moldy Cheese at Grosstedes

Sure moldy cheese and items passed their sell-by dates are  fancy First World problems in Brooklyn Heights, but hunks of green goo being sold as “food” is still a shocker.  We snapped this photo of some “grozzeralla” at the Henry Street Gristedes last week.  Well at least it wasn’t an overpriced stick of deodorant.

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Gristedes Gets “Ban’d”

Right or wrong, Brooklyn Heights residents often shake their fists at the lack of quality dining and decent supermarkets. A trip to Key Food could end with you on ABC’s Gotcha Journalism Show or even worse, eating green chicken. Meanwhile, Gristedes’ prices seem to come from Rodeo Drive (if Rodeo Drive were to have a […]

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Nabe’s Reaction to Re-Opened Gristedes

BHB Community members are speaking out on the new “improved” Gristedes at 101 Clark Street and so are some Brooklyn Heights based bloggers. Vittles Vamp is psyched about the new British food section: It might not be a Whole Foods, but damn if this isn’t a major improvement. We’re talking about a produce section that […]

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The New, Improved Gristedes Opens

Updated with News 12 Brooklyn Video after the jump The new and improved Gristedes on Henry and Clark is open and if the pistachio muffins are indication, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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